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View Black Republicans with suspicion

Kevin Palmer

View Black Republicans with suspicion

By Kevin Palmer

Georgia is a red state with a population that is 60 percent white, 30 percent Black, and a prison population that is 60 percent Black, 30 percent white. Still, Republicans and conservatives wish the prison population was 100 percent Black and zero percent white.

Moreover, Georgia Republicans and conservatives who say they are committed to law and order are not sincere. The rhetoric is not supported by arrest data from Georgia’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. For example, in 2016, for Murder – 666 reported incidents, but only 478 arrests, for Rape – 2,407 reported incidents, but only 326 arrests, for Aggravated Assault – 23,751 reported incidents, but only 9,854 arrests, for Burglary – 61,461 reported incidents, but only 5,571 arrests, for Larceny – 214,539 reported incidents, but only 32,870 arrests, and for Motor Vehicle Thefts – 26,361 reported incidents, but only 1,642 arrests.

Clearly, Republicans and conservatives are not committed to law and order since there are over 228,000 reported murderers, rapists, burglars, and thieves who have not been arrested. Law and order is used as a campaign slogan to attract racist voters by insinuating a commitment to target only Blacks for imprisonment.

Furthermore, Georgia Republicans and conservatives use the second Amendment as a rallying cry to encourage paranoid white Georgia residents to stockpile guns just in case Blacks decide to unify and act out the Nat Turner Rebellion or the Haitian Revolution.

That is why Black Georgia residents who identify as Republicans or conservatives have issues and ought to be viewed with suspicion in the Black community.


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