Voices from Prison: The Thief on the Cross

Michael Swain

We all deserve a second chance…

These are stories of the decisively forgotten who are incarcerated because of the serious crimes they have committed. These stories are not intended to open wounds or to minimize the criminal acts committed. As the series title: “The Thief on The Cross” reminds us of the story in Luke 23:33–43 where a dying, remorseful thief accepts Christ as Lord and Master and is assured by Jesus of a place in paradise.  In some instances, the names in the story have been changed to protect them. 

 By Blessed

There are days when my faith is bipolar, and my hope is schizophrenic. There are days where it matters not whether the glass is half empty or half full because the glass contains the blood of innocent men and women; good men and women.

I find my mind in a tempestuous and belligerent state when I think of the army of beautiful human souls trapped behind these prison walls by an unforgiving social system. The full extent on this country’s selective democracy and racialized capitalism torments my mind when I think of men like Michael Swain.

The most dominant method of determining the depth and beauty of a human being is the extent to which they are willing to encourage and empower other humans while seeking nothing in return. Firemen, policemen, nurses, doctors, and lawyers, all serve humanity but receive financial compensation. If you find a lawyer who fights cases and refuses payment, that means Elon Musk and SpaceX have taken you to space where y’all have found life on other planets….. Unless the human in question is Michael Swain.

Here is a man who over 40 years ago was sentenced to life in prison, yet instead of wallowing in depression or drowning in the tsunami of hopelessness, decided to dedicate his life inside this politically satanic version of purgatory, to freeing others from their legal and demonic turmoil. Mr. Swain spent years studying law and has spent decades uncovering and exposing all the subtle, sly and deceptive tactics used in Florida courtrooms to find men guilty and illegally sentence them.

The number of sons whom he has returned to mothers and fathers; husbands he has returned to wives; fathers he has returned to children, is uncountable. Yet, only in extremely RARE occasions, when he is in need, will he take modest payment. His mission is to not corrupt the blessing he was sent to deliver.

This man’s beauty is not an illusion. His LOVE for humanity is not a game being played in the pursuit of being worshipped. He is authentically one of the few selfless humans left on our planet.

The legal system says Mr. Swain is not worthy of a second chance in society, but that would be an injustice. Dr. Martin Luther King said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere…..

DEAR Society, Michael Swain is a phenomenal human being who has changed his life… For systematic changes to become realistic in our many facets of society we MUST learn to love again. And LOVE and forgiveness go hand in hand. We MUST want for our brothers what we want for ourselves and at some point in all our lives, haven’t we all wanted a second chance…..?

Free Michael Swain, Luck, Al, Joe Nitty, Geo, Steel, Shorty Bob, Jack and thousands of other beautiful brothers and sisters, behind these walls, worthy of a second chance

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