Voters’ Wrath

John Johnson

By John Johnson

Pundits predicted that Democrats  during the 2021 midterm elections would suffer a blood bath as a results of voters’ wrath. However, to their surprise, the wrath of voters came with a doubled edged sword.

This phenomena allowed them to use their votes to strategically  slice and dice the hopes of candidates who proudly expressed their anti-democracy sentiments.

In fact, there were candidates  who agreed with Senators Graham and Scott to gut Social Security, Medicare, and pass federal legislations to obliterate women’s reproductive rights.

Under President Biden’s leadership, Democrats never feared the wrath of voters. Democrats spoke truth to lies, relied on accomplishments rather than nonsensical promises, and exposed Republicans’ threats to democracy.

Most importantly, Democrats never doubted the  intelligence of America’s voters. They didn’t tell voters that Republicans caused inflation, or higher gas and food prices. Biden told voters how he planned to address these problems.

No lies and no blame! Biden as always proclaimed his favorite motto,  “Together there’s nothing America can’t tackle.”

Democrats having retained controlled of the Senate will convince voters that their votes represent the real power of our democracy. This government is of,  for and by the people.

Voters’ wrath is crucial in the sweltering state of Georgia. Voters must use their ballots as though they’re bayonets to defeat Herschel Walker.

Defeating him is nearly as significant as that of defeating the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee at Appomattox.

A Senator Warnock victory is needed by Democrats  to gain a majority control of the Senate!

When used  collectively, strategically, and relentlessly, no Officials, not even a president, can escape voters’ wrath. If you’re a nonbeliever, just ask former president Trump and his endorsed sycophants.


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