We got to do betta!

Marie Carrie
Marie Carrie

We got to do betta!

Listen Up!

    Marie Carrie is a writer from Miami, Fla., who currently lives in Fort Lauderdale with her four children. She graduated from Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School in 1991 and the University of Florida in 1995 and 1997. Marie is a public school teacher, blogger and part-time writer with the Westside Gazette Newspaper. If you are in my generation, early 30’s to late 40’s, I’m talking to you right now. We have got to do better! In an effort to not be like our parents, we’ve stopped parenting our children. They are not our friends! They are our responsibility. They were given to us. We were not given to them. Think about it!

    The things we are doing for our children in the name of love are actually crippling them. We are giving them everything we didn’t have, and none of what we did. We had discipline. We had respect for our elders. We had responsibilities. We had common sense. What do our children have? Gameboy, X-box, I-pads, I-pods, cell phones, laptops, attitudes, disrespect, and irresponsibility.

    No matter where you grew up or who your parents were, if you are in my generation I guarantee you were raised with one or more of the following expectations. And I challenge you to reflect on how many you are raising your children with.

    1. Don’t talk when grown folks are talking.

    2. Children should be seen and not heard.

    3. When company comes over, go to your room. Don’t sit around looking grown people in their mouths.

    4. You bet not say “what” to me. When I call you, it’s “Yes ma’am/sir” or “No ma’am/sir.”                    

5. You want me to take you where for what? If you don’t get out my face! I am not your chauffeur.

    6.  I don’t care what goes on in “their” house, you worry about what goes on in my house.

    7.  I want everything on this list done by the time I get home.

    8.  Don’t question me. You do it cuz I said so.

    9.  If that teacher calls me, I’m coming down to that schoolhouse and beat your behind in front of all your little friends.

    10.  When you pay some bills in this house then you can TELL me what you gonna do.

    11. You don’t lock no doors in MY house. Children don’t have privacy!

    12.  I’m only gon’ tell you this ONE time.

    13.   Watch your tone! Who do you think you talking to? I’m not one of your little friends.

    Come on Generation X, we got to do better.  While we are preparing to care for our aging parents, who do you think is going take care of us? These selfish and self-centered children we are raising? Come on…you don’t really expect that do you? marsgyrl.com began as a blog on Jan. 1, 2013. It is dedicated to feeding the mind, healing the heart, and elevating the spirit. While, most of us strive to be down to earth, now it’s time to be down to mars! So, take a moment to visit the site and explore the mind of marsgryl.  © marsgyrl 


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