WEDR/99JAMZ, Off Lease.Com donate minivan to volunteer IMG_9873WEDR/99JAMZ, Off Lease.Com donate minivan to volunteer Purchasing Xanax Eileen Fisher (r) and her husband Mark, Offlease.Com owner who donated the 2007 Ford Mini Van to Charles and Beverly Holloway.

By Derek Joy It was a blessing many times over for Charles and Beverly Holloway when WEDR/99JAMZ and joined forces in a charitable gesture.

Radio Station 99JAMZ morning drive time personality Rickey Smiley journeyed from his Atlanta, Ga., worksite to participate in bringing to recognition Holloway for his years of volunteer work in the community.

“I’m happy to be here,” said Smiley, a native of Birmingham, Ala. “I’m happy to be a part of something to help somebody less fortunate than we are. It’s just a blessing to be a part of something like this. It makes the trip worthwhile.”《군산출장샵》⇘예약☢조건+출장♤『카톡hwp63』▷「шрf636.сом」군산⇪2019-02-28-23-26군산[]대구+모텔+추천군산[]군산군산군산﹄kxP퇴폐sf❄[][]여관+아가씨 The charitable gesture also recognized the efforts of Urban Construction Academy, which trains unemployed and low income people in the construction trades and the art of becoming entrepreneurs.

Alprazolam Mastercard Much of that training comes with volunteer work helping senior citizens repair their homes, in addition to helping local churches make repairs and help with cleaning up blighted areas in Miami Gardens.

3266f8351bc649b80429874a4d117359 Holloway has been a constant in his volunteer efforts since enrolling in Urban Construction Academy. His efforts are more notable considering he rides a bicycle to and from the training center and the various volunteer worksites.

“I feel we’re really blessed ourselves,” said OffLease.Com owner Mark Fisher, who was joined by his wife, Eileen, in presenting the Holloways with a 2007 Ford Mini Van. “It makes me really happy to give something back to the community.” “This is the first time something like this has ever happened to me,” said Charles Holloway, who, with his wife Beverly, have raised seven children.  “It’s a real blessing. I’m humbled and thankful.”

Having raised seven children, the youngest being 23, is an accomplishment. Making that journey without transportation was that much more difficult.                                                            And his volunteer work without transportation made his selection for the gift all the more worthy. “This is the first time we’ve paired with OffLease.Com,” said 99JAMZ Account Executive Jereme Swain. “They’ve done events. We’ve done events like this. So we got together with our involvement in the community to make this possible.

“Now that we’ve had success with it we’ll do other things in the future, things around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Cheap Xanax China Regardless of what this man has, he’s always giving back to the community. It’s inspiration-al.”

Buy Alprazolam Online Cod Such is the inspiration that moved Fisher, who has built OffLease.Com into a growing auto enterprise in the 20 years since he founded the dealership.  The event brought the Holloways to tears. “It’s a blessing.  I’m thankful.  I’ve been riding the bus for 32 years.  Going to and from work, to the grocery store, the laundry mat.  I’m just thankful,” said a tearful Beverly Holloway.  “Now we can take a trip to Atlanta to see our grandchildren.”

Added Bill Dozier, president of Urban Construction Academy:  “This is one of those true stories. This guy (Charles Holloway) rode a bike to school. He rides a bike to volunteer. He’s de-serving.”

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