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Wesley Snipes gets released from prison

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes gets released from prison

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     Last year movie director Spike Lee called on Wesley Snipes fans to visit him in prison, but it now looks like Snipes fans can put down their pens and stamps because the actor has reportedly been released from prison.

    TMZ is reporting that Snipes has been released from Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania where he has been serving hard time since 2010 for failing to file tax returns.

    When Spike Lee went to visit Snipes in March of last year, he said the actor was in Blade shape, referencing one of Snipe’s movie roles.

    Snipes was released on April 2 and will be under house arrest until July 19.

    Wesley Snipes conducted an interview in 2010 with Larry King on CNN during which he seemed upset that the wheels of justice weren’t turning for him.

    “I think any man would be nervous if his liberty is at stake,” Snipes said. “I’m disappointed that the system seems not to be working for me in this situation.”

    Prosecutors claimed that Snipes earned $40 million since 1999 but had filed no returns and had been involved in a tax resisters group.

    Snipes disagreed with that assessment and maintained that his failure to file returns was his adviser’s fault.

    “This is another thing that has been misreported: It has been framed that I was a conspirator and that I was an architect in a scheme by an organization that has been characterized as tax protesters,” Snipes said. “The press hasn’t reported that I was a client of people who I trusted (who) had knowledge and expertise in the areas of tax law that would protect my interests.”


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