What is PTSD?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

What is PTSD?

By P. L. Wright Ph.D.

There are many persons who may have PTSD but don’t know it. They have had a serious traumatic EXPERINCE that has caused other effects on their physical state and their psychological state of mind. I must mention that all of those children who were taken from their parents due to their parents committing an immigration violation, according to the American Laws, may have already developed PTSD as well. It could very well be just as many of American armed forces troops who have also had traumatic experiences from the war with killing and being mamed themselves by their fellow troop members . It reminds me of the past events that have been pass on by many older Black Americans who lived with their parents who told them stories about many African children who were given to other slave masters after being taken from their parents. Now that our President Trump has reversed that policy, when and how will those children be reunited with their parents.

Maybe some of them came across the border alone, so how do our Policy makers evaluate and organize their status with the medical attention they may need. Our President has created more of a financial dilemma for the American tax payers. He probably meant well, trying to figure out how to get support to build the border wall but didn’t give it some deep enough thought about what his Policy might do to everyone.

He was probably really trying to stop some of the criminal elements from crossing the border into America with agendas of committing crimes against U. S. citizens, while disrupting our Democratic Society. Let us not rock the boat. We must be extremely relieved that President Trump did not have the support of the American citizens, nor our American Congress. his Policy to separate children from their parents is absolutely Inhumane. He finally realized it, and decided to reverse his Policy. This is one way that the Supreme Being helps us all when, and since we are not perfect in no way to come to our senses.





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