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What must we do?

dr-steve-gallon2What must we do?

      Dear District 1 Stakeholder:

Again, let me thank you for your overwhelming support during the November 8 District 1 School Board election. Our collective victory ushered in new leadership and increased opportunities to ensure that the education of our children remains at the forefront of all that we do as a district and community.

Now that the campaign is behind us, I will continue to need your support and active engagement in advocating for positive change and improvements in not only the education of students in District 1, but all students throughout Miami-Dade County. We are one community, one school district and must advocate for and support all schools and all children.

To that end, I am pleased to share with you that my first Board Item will be presented at the Board Meeting of December 14, 2016. The item number is H-5 and will focus on ensuring that we address the needs of the District’s most fragile schools and underperforming student populations.

As District 1 has the highest number of F rated schools, this was a focal point and commitment of my campaign that I am proud to honor. In fact, research has concluded that the most critical function of a local school board is to set policy for improving the educational outcomes for its students. Consequently, as a Board, we must collectively ensure that all students in the district have fair and equitable access to a quality education.

In closing, I am confident and firmly believe that the Board and Superintendent are committed to the improvement of all schools, including those fragile schools and will deploy the requisite resources and support to ensure their improvement and sustain their success. In fact, subsequent to my presentation of the item, I was humbled and honored to have unanimous co-sponsorship from my colleagues on the Board.

Item H-5 seeks to provide the sense of community awareness and educational urgency that come with any school reform and improvement effort, as well as the consideration for parental and community involvement. The following link provides a copy of the Item for your review:

Again, I thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and prayers.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Steve Gallon III, School Board Member, District 1

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