What Part Of Creation Reminds You Of God?

Kids Talk About God
Kids Talk About God

Kids Talk About God

What part of creation reminds you of God?

By Carey Kinsolving and Friends

“My favorite thing that God created is blueberries. God is good for making them,” says Olivia, 6.

I’ve never linked blueberries with the goodness of God, but why not? If you had mentioned blueberry pie, somehow the link would be clearer.

“I think God created flowers so they could freshen the world with their beautiful smell,” says Natalie, 8. “And they look very pretty in the sunlight.”

We need lots of beautiful sights and smells in our lives. God knows that. Flowers are like miniature, smiling explosions of God’s grace. We really should stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the loveliness of God’s creation.

“God created sunsets because he has a taste for beauty,” says Marci, 11. “I like to think he spilled his watercolors and smeared them in an attempt to wipe them off. They remind me of God because I know he created them for the pleasure of his child — me.”

“One of my favorite things God made is an elephant. They remind me of God’s strength,” says Allen, 9.

I’ll never forget that small, helpless feeling I had when I was in an open Jeep surrounded by wild African elephants probing with their trunks. When you’re that big, you can probe whenever and wherever you want.

In contrast to the brute strength of the elephant, the gentleness of the dove most reminds Devon, 9, of God. “Noah sent a dove out to get help, and when it came back, God dried up the land.”

Noah actually sent the dove out three times. After the third trip, the dove didn’t return because the floodwaters had receded.

When John baptized Jesus, he saw the Spirit descending upon Jesus from heaven like a dove (Matthew 3:16). In the Genesis creation account, the Scripture describes a dark world without form and void. Following this grim description, the Scripture reads, “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:2b). The word “hovering” can also be translated as “brooding,” as in a bird brooding over its eggs in a nest.

If it weren’t for the Spirit of God coming into the world as symbolized by a dove, the world would know only darkness. In the first creation, God’s command of “Let there be light” came forth after the Spirit brooded over the dark waters. In the second creation, the Spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove at his baptism. As the head of a new creation with headquarters in heaven, Jesus came to earth as the “light of the world” (John 8:12).

Hannah, 11, beautifully ties together the two creations when she says, “God created the first rainbow as a promise to Noah and his family. He promised never to flood the entire earth at one time.

“A rainbow reminds me of God because of God’s promise that if we believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as our savior, we will go to heaven when we die. I’m glad God promised not ever to flood the earth, but I’m even more happy that I’ll go to heaven when I die.”

Hannah’s testimony is the tale of two floods and two promises. The first is the flood of God’s judgment upon the earth for the wickedness of its inhabitants.

The second is the flood of judgment upon his son for the sins of all people. Just as those in the ark escaped the first flood, so those believers in Christ will escape the second flood of eternal judgment.

Think about this: Jesus Christ wants to be your rainbow.

Memorize this truth: “But the Scripture has confined all under sin, that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe” (Galatians 3:22).

Ask this question: Is the Lord Jesus your promise of escape from judgment?

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