Which lie will Floridians believe in the governor’s race?

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Which lie will Floridians believe in the governor’s race?

By Roger Caldwell

There is an honesty problem in Florida politics, and the lines are blurred between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Ex-Governor Crist has had an epiphany, after being a Republican all his life, and now we are supposed to believe he is a good Democrat. Governor Scott has had a spiritual awakening and he no longer is a Tea Party advocate.

Crist will probably become the Democratic candidate for governor in Florida, because he is able to raise the most money. He has always been a moderate Republican, who redirects public money to private schools, and gutted environmental laws. As a team player, he always supported party principles, until he started to hug President Barack Obama.

As Scott and Crist beat each other up, their records many times will appear identical. Crist will argue that Scott cut education by $1.3 billion, and Scott will argue that Crist cut education by $2.3 billion. Crist signed off on a measure that increased tuition in 2009, by 14 percent and the tuition hikes were maintained during the first half of Scott’s term. The Geo Group has given Scott $365,000, but it has also supported Crist when he was running for governor.

The difference in the two Republicans is that Scott is a radical who cares about the Republicans and the independents in the state only. He is not concerned with working to get the Democratic vote, but Crist is a Republican turned Democrat who works to get votes from all Floridians. Crist is a liberal and he understands to win the governorship, he should stay away from controversy.

Scott is on the hot seat, because he is the incumbent, and the power of the office is in his hands. He will try to convince Floridians that the economy is turning around, and there is a surplus in the state’s treasury. This is an accurate statement, and unemployment is down around 6.6 percent. But Scott will have a problem convincing Floridians that he is an ethical and caring governor, who is working for the people in the state.

Every day, it appears that Scott is getting sued, and he is making a privatization deal with one of his wealthy friends. Even though the state last month had the most foreclosures in the country, and there are multiple deaths of prisoners at DOC, the administration is keeping quiet.     When there are Klan members in police departments, around the state, it makes Floridians wonder if there is justice in the state.

Finally, there is always the question of the stand your ground law, which makes Blacks, wonder if they will get shot for going to the store or sitting in their car. Florida is a red state and it is corrupt, and Blacks must vote in the mid-term election.

Crist is a Republican, but we must vote for the Republican turned Democrat, which will work for all Floridians. As the African Americans support Crist, we must demand that we are at the table, where the money is being spilt up, and we get our share.




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