White supremacists infiltrate demonstration disguised as peaceful protestors

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Once again mainstream media fails to tell our story accurately. They are failing to highlight the peaceful protests & vigils being held across the country to honor George Floyd. Subsequently, they are failing to account for how these peaceful protests are continuously becoming more and more violent as night falls. I am challenging media outlets to show the connection between these protests and how it relates to police brutality & systemic racism that has been in place since 1863 when slavery “abolished.”

While we have made strides, it is apparent that even in 2020, the white man still has his foot on our necks both literally and figuratively as millions of people around the world watched George Floyd, an unarmed Black man die publicly face down on the pavement while handcuffed on Monday, May 25. Police officer at the time, Derek Chauvin, murdered Floyd by holding his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 48 seconds making it impossible for him to breathe. “I can’t breathe. Please man. Please don’t kill me. Momma, I am through.” were Floyd’s final words. Bone chilling and gut wrenching, Floyd used his final breath to call on his deceased mom putting the entireworld on edge and ready to finally explode. 3 days after Floyd’s death, Chauvin was Fired and a day later, he was finally arrested on Friday, May 29.

But for many of us, especially in the Black community, that response was a day late and a dollar short. Domestic and international media responses cause America to come face to face with its demons: racism, police brutality, and socio-economic divide.

In particular, here on the west coast, specifically in Portland Oregon, community activists describe what happened in downtown Portland on Friday evening, May 29.

Eyewitness David Myers recounts the night stating, “By 6 p.m., last night, thousands gathered at Peninsula Park for a vigil for George Floyd.” Myers describes people of all races carrying not only their pain but protest signs asking for justice. However, 3 hours later, when the crowd began to march, unknown anarchists (believed to be white supremacists) joined the group and the temperament changed quickly as they instigated a more violent energy.

“As the rally transitioned into violence, Black Panthers and other leaders of the initial formation left as the crowd began destroying buildings & businesses, spray painting walls, breaking glass windows and burning cars,” according to long time Portland community activist Dre Miller. Miller attended the rally with his young children, his 13-year old son and his 11 year old daughter, Aliyah Miller. Dre was adamant, “Black people did not do this! We were not prepared to do this! We were there to mourn.

I spoke to multiple provokers and pleaded with them to not do this in our community.”

“The mission and the message of the protest was to be peaceful,” concludes Myers. Yet, as we all replay Floyd’s death over and over in our minds, imagining our Black sons, Black brothers, and Black husbands on the pavement, we cannot unseen what we all saw. Mainstream media owes viewers the complete story. The facts are people of all races, ages and creeds gathered to mourn, vent and share stories agreeing that Floyd’s death was senseless, unnecessary and completely avoidable.

Unfortunately, White Supremacists and other radical groups are using our nation’s pain as a moment to incite riots overshadowing unified efforts of peace.

As a result, some are taking to social media to express their disdain for the destruction of small businesses and minority communities, asking things like, why are we destroying our own neighborhoods.

Here is what you should know. First, let’s keep the main thing the main thing. An unarmed man was murdered in front of our eyes, and we finally have the world’s attention. Until justice is served, any and everything is up for grabs, especially material things and businesses that can be easily replaced with insurance money. Not that I condone destruction but I agree with Target CEO Brian Cornell, who tweeted, “We are acommunity in pain […] it extends across America. The death of a black man being detained by a white police officer has unleashed pent up pain of years. We will rebuild the looted store and supply first aid to affected areas.” Material things will be destroyed. Liberation if and when it is to happen will come with a hefty price. Secondly, white supremacists are infiltrating these protests equipped with bats and chemical masks.

Let’s call them out and hold them responsible for their covert actions. And last, if we shed light on the role of white supremacists at these protests and rallies, maybe we can focus on the issues at hand.

Systematic racism caused Floyd’s death, and police brutality must be addressed.

We are following Dre Miller and other activists closely as we all look for alternative ways to protest in peace and discuss solutions amongst people of all races who share a common goal of Justice.

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