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Why sipping “sizzurp” may have caused Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s seizures

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Why sipping “sizzurp” may have caused Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s seizures

By Your Black World

Rappers should go work for pharmaceutical companies, since a bunch of them love using their global platforms to promote drug use to young people. Nearly every day, you hear of a new song telling kids to “pop mollies” or “sip sizzurp.”

These endorsements lead to wide increases in the use of all of the drugs being promoted,  causing tremendous alarm among public health officials.

Recently, both Lil Wayne and Rick Ross were diagnosed with serious seizures. These episodes had them both hospitalized, and Wayne was even reportedly close to death at the age of 30. Although we don’t know all the details of Wayne’s medical situation, we suggest that he lay off the “sizzurp,” which might be the reasons for his seizures.

Sizzurp is a mixture of promethazine and codeine, along with other ingredients, such as purple dye to change the color and maybe Sprite to give it a sweet taste. The Prom-ethazine causes sedation, creating the “lean” effect of being half asleep and half awake. Dizziness may also occur in the user.

Why sipping sizzurp

Promethazine can also lower the threshold for seizures in certain circumstances. It can also cause blurred vision, dry mouth, dilated pupils, nausea, urinary retention (inability to urinate) impotence, and constipation.

In some cases, a condition; Phenothiazines such, as promethazine block dopamine receptors, which can cause depression or reduce a woman’s ability to produce “breast milk.” It can also cause women to miss their menstrual cycles or lose their sex drive.

Codeine’s side effects might include lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, sedation and is also addictive.


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