Will Representative Ryan help or hurt President Obama

Rep. Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan

Will Representative Ryan help or hurt President Obama

By Roger Caldwell


    With the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has reframed the presidential campaign as a choice of political ideologies and a discussion on entitlements. There is a fundamental difference in the political philosophy of the two candidates running for president.

    President Obama believes that the focus should be on the middle class, and the economy should grow from the middle out. Romney believes that the economy should grow from the top down, and the wealth will trickle down and everyone in the society will prosper. The budget that Ryan has written has achieved a status close to the bible among conservatives calling for a dramatic re-ordering of fiscal priorities, and the scope of government.

    From a Republican point of view, the choice of Rep. Ryan was risky, because he is a Tea Party star, and this segment of the party is considered radical and inflexible. As the dust begins to settle with this selection, Romney and his running mate are trying to get on the same page. On one hand Romney is saying that he supports Ryan’s budget, but on the other hand he is saying he has a separate budget plan.

    Many political pundits and experts are saying that David Koch played a key role in Ryan’s selection, and pledged additional financing to Romney for the choice. Now party conservatives and the base will sup-port Romney and work harder to get him elected. Ryan will bring new levels of articulation and energy to the Republican position, and financing will improve on all levels.

    As the ideological leader of the party, Ryan will help deflect many of the attacks that Democrats have leveled at Romney, because Ryan is an excellent public speaker with facts. He is extremely passionate and has the potential to close the intellectual gap with President Obama, because he has a plan. There are tremendous advantages of having Ryan on the ticket, but the Democrats will expose his extreme positions and this will help President Obama’s campaign.


The first major talking point for the Democrats is that Rep. Ryan is trying to kill Medicare and replace it with vouchers, and with women he is an anti-choice extremist. He will also dismantle Social Security and cut taxes for corporations and the rich, and give subsidies to Big Oil companies. Many economists believe that Ryan’s economic plan would cost America 1 million jobs the first year, and Pell grants will be eliminated for more than 1 million low-income students.

     Ryan’s plan is to cut and slash spending for the middle class, the elderly, the poor and low-income students. His budget allows the deficit to continue to grow, and he refuses to touch the military budget. Ryan’s family is very wealthy, and he has spent his entire life cashing a government check, and like Romney he is out of touch with America.

     Ryan and Romney would like citizens to think that they are working to save the country for all Americans, but they are working for the 1 percent who are the billionaires, international corporations, and the millionaires. Their goal in this election is to use code words to organize the dominate culture to eliminate diversity and suppress the vote.

     Ryan and Romney have drawn a line in the sand, and they are forcing Americans to make an informed and intelligent choice. They are bad for America, and they will raise taxes on the middle class, and poor, and give big tax cuts to corporations, millionaires, and billionaires.

     It is too early to determine if the Ryan nomination would hurt or help President Obama, but it would expose the selfishness and harshness of the Ryan budget. Women, elderly, poor, and minorities will allow the Ryan plan to dismantle their achievements, if they don’t listen to the code words, and learn everything he stands for. Ryan is a right wing extremist and he has a disastrous plan for America


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