With the Delta Variant on the rise, does vitamin D deficiency increase the severity of COVID-19?

As we prepare for the fall months, the discussion around the Delta Variant is very real and present.  It is still unknown if the current vaccines will help protect us against this new variant.  However, it has been proven that Vitamin D deficiency is frequently reported in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection.

An experimental study in France at a nursing home with 66 people found that taking vitamin D supplements was “associated with less severe Covid-19 and a better survival rate.” Similarly, a study in South Korea of 200 people found that a deficiency of vitamin D could “decrease the immune defenses against Covid-19 and cause progression to severe disease.” And a small study in Spain involving 76 hospitalized Covid-19 patients found that those treated with calcifediol—an activated version of vitamin D, distinct from the over-the-counter supplement—seemed to curb the severity of the disease.

Internationally Re-cognized and Award-Winning Surgeon, Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews, has revolutionized the use of “high-dose” vitamin D in the frontline treatment of coronavirus and other diseases of chronic illnesses such as traumatic brain injuries, heart attacks, strokes, concussions, ventilator associated pneumonias, sepsis, ARDS, and infections. A former Mayo Clinic trained fellow and Senior Associate Consultant (SAC), former professor of clinical surgery, and a former director of surgical critical care and trauma surgery, Dr. Matthews is no stranger to saving critical lives with cutting edge vitamin D research.

Dr. Matthews is one of the most sought-after medical professionals in the country. He has saved numerous lives with his patented approach with Vitamin D.

Recently highlighted on ABC News, Business Insider, Health Magazine, People, GLAMOUR, Rolling Out & Sheen Magazine, I would like Dr. Matthews to educate your audience on the importance of Vitamin D in our continued fight against Covid-19.

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