You gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit, the Street Detective

Ol Pete is going down less predictable trails and has settled in some interesting dirt that, when mixed with water, is creating some pretty interesting mud pies.

The Street Detective has been hearing rumors that Ruth Carter Lynch is eying Rosalind Osgood’s State Senate seat. This challenge is just what this race needs.  No seat should go unopposed; however, Peter Traceit is still wondering what lessons have we learned when about five or six people from the same political party or constituent pot vie for the same seat?

It would seem that Dr. Oz would do good if she would let this seat go to Carter Lynch or whomever wants to really  represent the people of this district.  A blind bat can see that Oz just can’t give up on the power she once had on the local school board politics. If not, she would be better suited to run for her district five school board seat, as it is where Pete is told she spends the most of her time. Word on these dirty streets is Oz is using every ounce of connection she has to influence the outcome of the superintendent election. And Ol Pete is hearing that it isn’t who she wants, but more who she doesn’t want that has her hair on fire.  Ol Traceit is scratching and wondering about the Black on Black and Woman or Woman violence swirling in the sand.

Carter Lynch might have a clear path to victory for Osgood’s State Rep seat if rumors swirling in the sand are true about Osgood feeling confident enough to take on incumbent, Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick for the US House of Representative seat. All Pete can do is clench a fistful of dirt and make the proclamation, “baddest one hit my hand” and then stand back and let the combat begin. Cherfilus McCormick is a worthy opponent and has the brains, beauty and financial presence to bury and send Oz packing to Emerald City.

It appears to Old Pete that Oz has a monumental influence on central Broward.  Pete is told that Central Broward politicians and pastors are silent on issues in the community until Oz gives the nod and speaking points. Ol Pete ventures to say that a run against Cherfilus McCormick will break the Oz’s spell on central Broward. The Detective has an ample supply of popcorn and soda in anticipation of this political challenge.  Osgood, please don’t let Ol’ Pete down.

Pete watched the School Board workshop and meeting over the last couple weeks and noticed a tone of civility among the Board members.  The Street Detective chuckled and thought, “just because you spray perfume on it doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t stink.” The Board members are speaking to each other with a much more decent tenor, yet when you peel back the layers, it’s the same dirt, different day.

Broward School Board narrowed its superintendent finalist down to six candidates.  Dr. Valerie Wanza made the short list by securing six of nine votes of support.  Ol Pete hates to look at the glass as half full but has really no choice. Three board members did not throw Wanza their support. It was no surprise to Pete that Board chair, Lori Alhadeff, did not support her.  She has been vocal since day one about an outsider.  Pete is thinking that preference is one thing, but the reality of the pool’s talent is another.  Two new Board members, Alan Zeman and Brenda Fam, also passed up the opportunity to support Wanza as well.  Ol Pete was not at all surprised by Zeman. The Detective sleuthed that it was Zeman who actually went out and found Dr. Jesus Jara from Clark County and forced a conversation between him and Board chair Alhadeff.  To Pete’s surprise, Alhadeff, who is usually a smart cookie, took the bait and brought Jara forward for consideration. Her desire to not have Wanza made her vulnerable. The Board then went to such great lengths as to reopen the application window only for Jara to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He was rehired by his Board for two years and negotiated a $75,000 raise.  Pete is high fiving Jara from the sands.

While Traceit was not the least bit surprised at Zeman, Fam took The Detective down some rocky trails. Ol Pete assumed there would be support for Wanza from Fam but was as wrong as wrong can be. Fam has another feast planned, and Wanza didn’t make the menu this go round.

Things are going to crank up in the next few days and weeks. Pete predicts that Wanza is in the best position to win. She can become superintendent in Broward, or she cannot become superintendent in Broward… but, become one somewhere else.  Ol girl is holding all the cards… she just has to know when to “hold um and when to fold um; know when to walk away and know when to run”.

Ol Pete will keep sliding through the sands in search of a Broward superintendent to clean up this filthy mess.

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