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Actor Robert Brown files class action lawsuit against Macy’s

Robert-BrownActor Robert Brown files class action lawsuit against Macy’s

Barry Burch Jr.

Someone needs to get the word out to these racial profilers – brothers and sisters are suing.

Robert Brown, star of the television drama, “Treme,” has decided to file a lawsuit against the Macy’s in New York City for allegedly profiling the actor based upon his race, as reported by TMZ.

The star who holds a consistent spot on HBO said he went into Macy’s back in June of this year to buy a nice present for his mother’s graduation.  According to Brown, he entered into a flagship store in Herald Square in NYC.  There he bought his mother a fancy watch.

After purchasing the watch; however, Brown said he was shocked by his treatment.  While on his way to look for a pair of sunglasses he was stopped by three men, who questioned him about his form of payment.  Brown said he believed the men to be members of the New York Police Department.

Brown said the officers “publicly and falsely” accused him of stealing, saying that he must have been committing credit card fraud.

And if you’re still wondering why he’s suing, Brown says he was then handcuffed and paraded around the store “like an already convicted common criminal.”

Following his arrest, Brown claims he was put into a holding cell and kept there for more than an hour.

It took authorities a while to realize who he was, but once they did, Brown said he was released.  In a poor attempt to put the accident that they surely regret behind them, officers asked Brown if he wanted a police escort to his mother’s graduation.

Brown who is under the impression that he is not the only one who has to endure racial injustice at Macy’s has decided to file a class action lawsuit.

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