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Never too old to vote

91-years-old Annie Bell Foster, voted, to everyone’s surprise, was during the ‘60’s was also the first time she participated in the electoral process ...

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Obama leads in electoral votes

Obama leads in electoral votes ...

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Decision 2012: Public opinion in the aftermath

Curiously, a number of elected officials counted among people of color were conveniently unavailable for comment on this question ...

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Pride of Fort Lauderdale Elks Lodge #652 hosts annual Veterans Day event

the Pride of Fort Lauderdale, Elks Lodge #652 and the Daughters of Temple #395 will be hosting its annual Veterans Day ...

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The current State of America in 2012

The current State of America in 2012 ...

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Student loans cause 36 million to drop out of college

According to a new report, since 2009, 36 million Americans have attended college without earning a degree ...

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Looking beyond the election

Looking beyond the election ...

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