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Some students have become ‘numb’ to violence

The different reaction might be because children have been forced to deal with violence when their minds should have been focused on the simpler things in life. ...

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U.S. Appeals Court upholds injunction halting Florida’s drug testing of welfare applicants

The ACLU of Florida, with co-counsel Florida Justice Institute (FJI), challenged Florida’s 2011 law requiring all applicants for the TANF program to submit to a suspicionless drug test in a lawsuit filed on Sept. 6, 2011 ...

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Black women see dramatic fall in incarceration rates

Incarceration rates fall for Black women ...

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Farrakhan: ‘White people fear becoming the minority’

Min. Louis Farrakhan said that whites want Black women to use birth control because they – white people – fear becoming the minority ...

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Explaining the Dorner tragedy LAPD Chief Beck addresses Black leadership

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck collaborated with leaders of the Black community on Tuesday at the Sentinel offices on Crenshaw Blvd. ...

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Rosa Parks honored by Congress with full-length statue

Last Wednesday, in ceremony hosted by President Barack Obama and members of Congress, Rosa Parks became the first Black woman to have her full-length likeness depicted in the National Statuary Hall ...

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Timely lessons from Women’s Rights National Historical Park

Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York where, in 1848, a group of fearless women and the men who supported them laid down the law demanding the right to vote, to hold elected office, and to work outside the home ...

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Your Black History: Read about three Black American female inventors you may not have heard of

Today’s edition of our series, which promotes the historical achievements of Black Americans features the stories of three women who pioneered key groundbreaking inventions ...

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Your Black History: A salute to Frank E. Petersen, America’s first Black Marine General

we pay tribute to Frank E. Petersen, America’s first Black Marine Corps General. ...

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