President Clinton explains

October 30, 2012 Dvon 0

President Clinton explains Mitt Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut and how middle class families with children will get an average tax increase of $2,000 to pay for $250,000 in tax cuts for multi-millionaires. As President […]


October 27, 2012 Dvon 0

By JIM SAUNDERS THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, October 26, 2012………A federal appeals court will hear arguments next week in a battle about a 2011 Florida law that would require people to […]

Eric Smalls: Dear Mr. President

October 27, 2012 Dvon 0

Eric Smalls wrote a letter to the President, this is his story. Dear Mr. President, My name is Eric Smalls. At a young age I was inspired by NASA and their expeditions to the moon. […]

Early voting events

October 27, 2012 Dvon 0

By Anthony Man     The Rev. Al Sharpton, the MSNBC commentator, is scheduled to appear Saturday at rallies in communities with large black populations: Noon at the Lauderhill Mall, where there’s an early voting site , and […]

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