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Making things right

state lawmakers launch a mission to help vets ...

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Traveling down life’s highways

The apparitions to what I saw going up and down the highways, spoke in volumes as reference to our lack of common sense ...

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Coping with our problems

Coping with our problems Part two         The rate at which we are experiencing untimely deaths ... added to the premature “natural” deaths and then we include the normal death rate, we are talking about an inordinate amount of mortality.        In addition to all this our birth rates have dropped noticeably over the past two decades. If these multiple trends continue unabated into the future, we are surely ...

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Jeffrey Key begins job as Opa locka police chief

Jeffrey Key’s first day as the city of Opa-locka Police Chief ...

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Treatment as prevention: What you need to know

What you need to know ...

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Dr. Alveda King and Black leaders report: ‘Gosnell’s Attorney playing the race card is outrageous and shameful’

Jack McMahon called the case “elitist” and “racist,” ...

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Hastings on ‘National Day of Protest’ by Federal Employees

following statement in support of the National Day of Protest, during which federal employees will hold 100 rallies nationwide against sequestration cuts ...

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Broward County vice Mayor Barbara Sharief meets with community leaders to focus on aggressive dog solutions

Broward residents who came together yesterday to discuss measures to reduce aggressive dog attacks. ­­ ...

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Who is wrong with the American Government?

Who is wrong with the American Government? ...

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