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Traveling down life’s highways

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Traveling down life’s highways

“For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways”. — Psalm 91:11 (NASB)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      On a recent road trip to visit our son in Tallahassee and other family members in the Carolinas, I was reminded of how God really protects, guides and shelters us from our own stupidity and recklessness.

     The apparitions to what I saw going up and down the highways, spoke in volumes as reference to our lack of common sense.

     These short comings or reasoning skills, which was evident in what appeared to be a hodgepodge of a car, a truck and a van that was transporting people along interstate I-95 confirmed my perception; “boy it’s some weird people out here!”.

     Yeah you knew that these people have no sense of responsibility based upon the way they careened  up and down the roads going 75 to 80 miles an hour in the rain.

     You can see them out of your rearview mirror coming up behind you like a fat duck wobbling up the road.

     As they approach alongside of you, you notice that the windows are all fogged up because of the body heat and what I guess to be, no defroster, and the windshield wipers are not swooshing across the windshield.

     What’s more amazing is that the passenger in the front seat is wiping the condensation from the windshield with some sort of rag so the driver can see.

     Just when you thought that you have seen it all, a few minutes later here comes a car with stuff and things in every crack, which obstructed all viewing areas except frontal.

     There was no possible way for rear viewing because there was no outside driver’s mirror. No right peripheral viewing- forget about a panoramic view- but the car did have windshield wipers. 

     The vehicles that I thought didn’t have a chance of a snowball in Hell to make it around the corner, let alone over state lines, were the ones zooming pass all of us, while there were cars of ‘finer status’ parked on the shoulders of the road being assisted by tow trucks and AAA.

     You never know what’s going on: Outside looks beautiful but inside of their  spanking new Mercedes the people are bickering and fighting.

     Yes, such is life. We travel ill prepared with no spare tires, our automobiles are in bad shape and yet we entrust to them our most most precious cargo, human life.

     I guess we’ll never know. What appears to be a discarded vehicle seems to weather the storm just a little bit better than those that appear to be brand new and fully equipped.

     No matter the predicament or the transportation, when God is in control it just does not matter because He can make a junk vehicle catastrophe proof  and a brand new up-to-date Bentley a road hazard.

     “Lord as I travel life’s highways make sure that I stop by Your inspection station to con-firm that my vehicle is in proper working condition no matter what it looks like. Once You have inspected it, I know that it is more than road ready.”—Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

     A life inspected by God is a life ready to live.


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