Democracy Faces Russian Roulette

  Is it true that the fate of American’s democracy is threaten by the Republican Party and its voters who’ve opted to subject it to a game of Russian Roulette? This contingency has given X-president Trump complete control of the game and his choice of weapons. If you aren’t aware, the game of Russian Roulette involves placing a single bullet in a six-chamber pistol, spinning the chamber, placing the tip of the barrel to one’s head, or target and pulling the trigger. […]


Redistricting is Voter Suppression Too

     Redistricting is robbing Black candidates and voters of hard fought for opportunities they have had for years. In Detroit, new districts merged Black areas of the city with white neighborhoods across 8 Mile Road. The city stands to lose Black representation in Congress and have less representation in the state legislature. Knowing what the impact could be, voters have spoken out forcefully against the new redistricting maps from pulpits to street corners to the state capitol and even before the state courts. […]


Miami Businesswoman On The Rise In A Recession

  Have you ever wondered how to take a small business to new heights? As a business consultant, Chantel Price speaks words that motivate and elevate businesses across the globe. Based in Philadelphia and Miami, she has the drive and knowledge to  not only navigate herself to her destinations but others as well. […]

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MoBBallet Inspires More ‘Dark Stars of Ballet’

     Enter Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet (MoBBallet), an organization seeking to end racism in ballet companies and curriculums and celebrate the vast contributions made to the art form by Black and brown artists. Its 2022 MoBBallet Symposium M.I.A. (Motivation, Innovation, Activation) recently brought students and renowned Black dancers from around the globe together to create a safe space where they not only learned about dance and dance history – they learned about their own history. […]

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Quarter Phi Back Awards, aka “QFB”

     The MENT.O.R.S. Foundation established an organization and awards event to honor the legacies of past and future Black quarterbacks who played at the interscholastic, collegiate, and professional levels. The organization will be designated with the name Quarter Phi Back, aka QPhiB, Awards. It will take on a presence like that of a fraternal organization. […]