The Black Press is Our Vanguard

     From Frederick Douglas’ The North Star to Ida B. Wells’ The Memphis Free Press and all subsequent members of the Black press, the plight of African – Americans was chronicled and a beacon of hope was provided through the journalistic efforts and trials of the country’s heroic Black Press. I cannot begin to capture the countless ways that the Black Press acted as the vanguard and the persistent battering ram against forces of oppression in this country. What I would like to do is to act as an eyewitness to the enormous contribution that NNPA member papers made during the last thirty years where I had a bird’s eye view of their reporting. […]

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POTUS – Devoted Friend

     President Biden is clearly proud of these accomplishments and one more accolade of President Obama that is omitted from the resume is his fierce loyalty. Biden, in a poignant CNN interview said, “His love of family and my family, and my love of his family … it’s personal. It’s family.” Biden made a decisive announcement to the global press in that CNN piece. […]