2nd C0VID-19 Stimulus Reductions Subject whites to Black Experiences

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

      Senator McConnell has stressed reducing the 2nd COVID-19 stimulus to $300. He and fellow Republicans felt that the previous $600 was a disincentive to seeking work.

Whites couldn’t have thought that this was merely directed at Black people. Before the pandemic, more Blacks than whites were already unemployed.

For the record, let’s reflect on the following everyday Black experiences: 1) denied equal opportunities, 2) subjected to job quotas, 3) first fired last hired, 4) told to stop looking for hand-outs, 5) bad schools, 6) labeled welfare queens, 7) police brutality substituted for lynchings, 8) suppressed voting rights, 9) denied equal justice/mass incarceration, 10) stopped and frisked for being Black, 11) more likely to be executed rather than issued a traffic citation, 12) animals more protected by Endangered Species Act than Blacks by the U.S. Constitution, and the list goes on and on!

Trump, as promised, reduced taxes which disproportionately favored the rich. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Republicans don’t extend privileges fairly to poor whites when it involves money and health insurance. Also, it’s hard for white folks to accept the fact that Trump and the mega richdon’t give a rat’s bottom about them as well.

Senator McConnell also stated that the 2nd stimulus should target people earning $40,000 or less. Consequently, this new amount will deny financial relief to a higher percentage of Whites.

Negative rhetoric targeting Blacks allows Republicans to unabashedly reduce stimulus funding needed by Blacks as well as Whites for survival.

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