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A Letter to President Obama,


Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama

Sensible Sues Rhetoric

A Letter to President Obama,

Dear President Obama,

By Sensible Sue

      First off, I would like to offer my congratulations to you and the First Lady on your 20th year Anniversary and I would like to wish the two of you many more years of happiness and bliss. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I would like to address your debate performance last night. What in the HELL was that all about? Did you drink too many bottles of that White House Beer? Did somebody give you some Xanax? Oh I know, it was your anniversary, so perhaps you were thinking about the special present that Mrs. Obama had planned for you after the debate. Listen, whatever it was, it had you looking like the runaway slave that got caught by his master Mitt Romney and then whipped furiously. 

     Now I cannot totally blame you for the entire debacle that will most certainly go down in history as being the absolute worst debate in modern history, because the moderator was something less than horrible, and he allowed Mitt Romney to control the tone and the conversation. Now it is far beyond me to criticize someone for how they choose to do their job, especially when the said person has a thousand years of experience and is supposed to be one of the best in his field, but for the love of God, it is difficult for me to believe that anyone could be that incompetent. I am thinking this morning that Jim Lehrer must be working for Carl Rove, Grover Norquist, or the Koch Brothers. The man has to be on the take. If by some slim chance that Lehrer is not on the take, and he really is that pitiful and incompetent, he needs to be fired from PBS immediately, because there is absolutely no excuse for that tired old performance that he presented last night. Romney was a frigging freight train, and you were the track.

     Mitt Romney lied repeatedly about things that had been fact checked and debunked thousands of times, yet he was allowed to get away with all of that on stage and in front of tens of millions of people last night. Believe it when I say that Hugo Chavez and other world leaders are somewhere in their corners of the world asking themselves what happened to you last night Mr. President. Folks in other countries are shivering in fear, because they know that Romney is a Jackass, and they also know that he is dangerous.

     Mr. President, you are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, many of whom paid the ultimate price so that someone like yourself could be where you are. For those of us who are still among the living and support you and your campaign with not just the limited funds that we have, but with our talents and our skills, you owe us all an apology for that lackluster performance last night unless you are playing out some sort of strategy that the rest of us can’t figure out.

     Here is a word of advice for you sir: we are in the fight of our lives here in this election cycle. There is far too much at stake. You cannot present yourself in the next debate the way that you presented yourself last night. Listen, we all know that you can do better, and we also know that we deserve better. We need to see you get out of whatever funk that you are in, and nail Romney’s a** to the cross in the next debate. Now is not the time to lay down President Obama, we need and expect you to stand up.

     As always Sensible Sue would love to hear from you, so please send your questions and comments to Also be sure to follow Sue on TWITTER at @Sensible333.

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