A Sign of the Times

Trails in The Sand by Peter Traciet, the Street Detective 

Ol Peter Traceit’s eyes were playing tricks it appeared, after walking outside a couple weeks ago and discovering that two campaign signs, allowed to be placed in yard in support of political candidates were missing. The yard signs were replaced and within days, they mysteriously disappeared again. The home video camera captures this lowly sign thief in the dead of night targeting the removal of two specific signs but not the other.

Being the street wise detective that I am, I sought out additional clues from my neighbors and discovered that they, too, had been victims of the sign crime. And like with Ol’ Traceit’s the signs of some candidates were removed while others were left intact.

Hmmm. What could this mean? Is this a sign of the times?

In the Street Detective’s poetic voice: The Detective rode up and down the streets looking them over with a fine tooth rake carefully and noticed the signs of one particular candidate was everywhere.

Could it be possible, could it be done that a particular candidate is removing the competition signs?

Without proof, it would be irresponsible detective work to share my streetly suspicion of who the culprit may be, but in this era of Big Brother surveillance and home security systems, it might be wise to play fair in the sands before some dirt gets thrown into the eyes of the unexpected.

Ol Peter Traceit has secured signs for the third time and is about to position them back into my front yard with the expectation of not having to share the results of my sand dragging suspicions.

On another trail in the sand word has it that a family mem-bers from a sitting politi-cian who will not give up the seat while trying to take over the political landscape of L L and this has caused a break in a once tight friendship.

Peter Traceit says, “don’t let a term ruin a friendship”.

Nasty Politics don’t last; they just ruin things for others. Take  a read to what mailers are being sent around to voters by two respected candidates, both accusing each other of being thieves.

Pompano Street Detective is about to run through some of that rich farm sand to see what is happening  with the ladies on the campaign trail.

Stay tune and see what Peter Traceit, the Street Detective, uncovers next.

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