Partisan School Board on Deck

It appears these members of the Broward School Board just can’t seem to get out of their own way. While judge and school board seats are not partisan, the Board Members themselves can’t seem to conduct themselves in a non-partisan way. We often hear politicians of both major parties speak on the campaign trail about their ability to work across the aisle. Yet, when they get into the seat, it is partisan business as usual, and it is the reason they really get nothing done. In the case when something does get done when the leadership flips to a majority of the opposing party, they spend all their efforts undoing the progress made by the other side. […]


Residents of Mississippi town destroyed by tornado continue search for loved ones

     The Andersons’ lives were spared, and their small brick home was left standing. But in a small Delta town of about 2,000 people, hardly anyone escaped the storm without losing someone they knew or loved. As rescue and recovery crews poured into town, James Anderson learned that his fiancée’s adult daughter, April Johnson, was one of at least 26 people killed in the storm. She’d been working at the local Family Dollar when the roof collapsed, Anderson said. […]

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How can you tell when he’s lying-his lips were moving

     A week has gone by, yet Pete hasn’t found a solitary soul who can vouch that Jeptha “Jeff” Holness bleeds the mighty Blue and Gray. Ol’ Pete is hearing that even if he bleeds in a sea of water, he would be spared from a shark attack because there are now questions circling in the sand about whether Holness is even a Nova Southeastern University Shark. The legitimacy of Holness’ doctorate degree from NSU has reared its head.  What the Jussie Smollet hell is going on with Jeptha Holness?  […]