Abortions are Equal to Dental Fillings

Florida State Rep. Jose Oliva
Florida State Rep. Jose Oliva

By Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine

     She Said:  I can’t believe how back-wards your Florida legislators are! It makes those of us from California wonder??

Abortion is a hot button topic, but when the incoming Speaker of your State House Jose Oliva refers to a pregnant woman as the “host body” it’s clear the Neanderthals are in charge of the cave. The word you’re looking for, Senor, is MOTHER. You know, the person whose body nourished yours before and after your first breath of air. Or were you raised by an incubator?

He Said:  Nicole, let me stick up for the “Great State of Florida”. Your utility company (P.G.E) created the largest wildfire in modern history.

Seriously, I agree with you that Mr. Olivia’s comments where arcane.  You realize he is making those remarks for a particular audience. Bet, if you had a couple of private “Cervezas” with him he would say “…No that was b.s. “I  just need more votes so I can get to Congress.”

     She Said:  Let’s spin this the other direction. What would it be like if women took control of men’s health with the same cavalier attitude? No, prostate exams aren’t necessary, no steroids for your gym workout, no Viagra…! “Too bad, so sad!”

Men need to start taking some responsibility for unwanted pregnancies, instead of just legislating after the fact. Those fetuses didn’t get there by themselves!

He Said:  Yes it takes two to Tango! However, since my chromosome make up is not (X-Y) My elocution would be this: “Abortions are legally under the Supreme Court doctrine, equal to a dental filling.

The court, in it’s historic 1973 case Roe vs Wade, ruled that a woman has a right to “choice”!

Similarly you have a choice to get a dental filling. In both examples there are health paradigms.  Should abortions go too long into gestation then it becomes life threatening. The cavity evolves too far; the tooth has to be removed.

Buddy, you have written many times how some aspects evangelicals principals are inconsistent!



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