Ah, Sweet Irony!

Nicole Nutting

Ah, Sweet Irony!

By Nicole Nutting

For close to 500 days, we’ve endured something never before experienced in our lifetimes—the deliberate sabotage of our democracy by the public servants we elected to safeguard it. This is such a profoundly inexplicable event, it leaves us scrambling to understand exactly what is happening and how to stop it.

The media struggles to put the phenomenon into context, using Nixon’s Watergate scandal as the historical template. We are left waiting breathlessly for the equivalent of the “Saturday Night Massacre”, and the Constitutional crisis leading to impeachment. Reality diverges from history, however, in that this time around our Republican-controlled Congress is no more law abiding than our President. Impeachment, being a congressional action rather than a criminal procedure, is highly unlikely under these circumstances. Well, we didn’t really want that human rights destroyer, Mike Pence, to ascend to the “throne” anyway.

The anxiety-provoking powerlessness of the individual citizen probably has many of us waking every day with the silent scream, “SOMEBODY, DO SOMETHING!” Hey, good news—

guess who just grew a backbone…

The Democratic National Committee, with Tom Perez at the helm, has filed a civil lawsuit in a New York federal court against the whole laundry list of players in the hijack of the 2016 presidential election! The Russians, Trump campaign members, and WikiLeaks/Julian Assange will have some ‘splainin’ to do in front of a judge. If the fruits of the Mueller investigation were to get buried by treasonous conservatives, hopefully this lawsuit would expose the corruption and keep the issue alive until there is some sort of accountability.

There is historical precedent for such a ploy by the DNC.  Largely forgotten is the fact that, back in Watergate days, the DNC filed a similar lawsuit against Nixon’s re-election campaign committee. They won, and the court awarded the DNC a $775,000 settlement on the same day that Nixon resigned in disgrace.

Here is the truly delicious part: the judge assigned to hear the current DNC case, the Hon. John G. Koeltl, was a member of the Watergate Special Prosecutor Force in 1973/1974.

Ah, sweet irony!


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