America’s White Privileged Justice System and Society

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

America’s justice system has historically proven to be extremely partial towards wealthy white people and  positively skewed for ordinary whites. It wasn’t by happenstance that a white privileged justice system and society were created. No, it’s chiseled  into the cornerstones as well as the  pillars of our democracy. The  Merriam Webster Dictionary defines white Privilege as:  “the set of social and economic advantages that white people have by virtue of their race.”

To further enshrine the racist  justice system, the Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a Socialists minister. Take note of the last sentence, which reads, “and justice for all.” Black people weren’t assured equal protection or justice then and with limited success even today.

Despite passage of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, Black people were treated as second class citizens, faced unparalleled voting restrictions, and were lynched or burned after church services as entertainment for the white  congregation, which included children. It’s disingenuous  how American White history has value, doesn’t offend white people, and white children tend to  handle these atrocities without any emotional distress.

A short review of the following  blatant examples of our white privileged justice system is presented  for the record rather than  as an attempt to convince white people that they’re privileged:

  • Oct. 7, 2016, Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, was heard talking about kissing and grabbing women by their genitals. Yet, goes on to win the Republican nomination and became the 45th president.
  • Before the 2016 presidential election, allegedly, Trump paid hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Yet, he was elected president.
  • May 15, 2017, Trump gave top secret information to Russian foreign minister without significant reprisal.
  • Dec. 18, 2019, and Jan. 13, 2021, Trump was impeached twice, but acquitted both times by the Senate.
  • April 22, 2022, Governor DeSantis facilitated passage of legislative proposals to stop  W.O.K.E and Critical Race Theory from being an inclusive component of Florida’s educational curriculum. Black students in Florida still attend a dozen schools named after men who fought for the Confederacy. The Equal Justice Initiative (E J I ). has identified over 240 schools throughout the U.S. that still bear the name of Confederate Officials.
  • Sept. 14, 1914, Francis Scott Key, lawyer defender of slavery, wrote The Star-Spangle Banner. Key’s third verse included a special message for slaves who fought alongside the British for their freedom. Remember well Black people, for his words are as chilling today as they were 80 years ago, “We’ll pursue you to get revenge: No refuge could save the hireling and slave….” This song is a tribute for victorious white supremacists and their legacy of white privileges.

Peggy McIntosh (1988) cited  the following, which she called, “eye-opening,”  examples of white privileges:

  • Shop assuredly not to be followed or harassed;
  • Rent or purchase housing in any affordable area of their choosing without harassments;
  • National heritage of white people well represented throughout history;
  • Don’t have to educate children to be aware of systemic racism;
  • Traffic cop stop isn’t a case of profiling; and
  • Never feeling that co-workers suspect I got the job because of my race.

My personal observations of white privileges include the following:

  • Lesser skilled white football players play quarterback in the NFL and white guys become head coaches
  • Republican legislators aggressively work to pass suppressive minority legislation; and
  • Truth and morality are whatever Fox broadcast.

Let’s be candid about the white privilege racist paradigm. If Barack Hussein Obama did half of the things Trump did, he probably would’ve been an after-church entertainment lynching spectacle. Church Bible carrying congregation and children would’ve joyfully watched. Remember, if  there was a tar burning, and a lynching, pieces of ears and a nose were often collected as souvenirs. Photographs were turned into postcards.

If you’re still not convinced of systemic white privileges, look at past and current bank failures. It might be painful to acknowledge, but it isn’t Black Executives causing these bank failures. What’s even more unbelievable, the Executives use  heads-up inside information to withdraw/rob their money before the bank collapsed. Yet, no one gets indicted, tried, or goes to jail. If this isn’t a billboard  size sign of white privileges, then what is?

The one   white privilege  that could totally usurp the rule of Law would be for Trump, a former white president, to escape an indictment, prosecution, and conviction for any of the criminal charges he’s facing. However, his indictment would prove to our Nation, (especially  his sycophant followers), and the world that no one not even a white former president is above the “Rule of Law” in America.



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