Anatomy of America’s Democracy

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II    

Unfortunately, far too many Americans fail to recognize that America has been invaded by a hostile pathogenic like cyber virus, Trump, a narcissistic president, and COVID-19. Hopefully, using the human body’s immune system as a metaphor, one should be able to see the dangers facing an America that fails to mobilize and strategically confront the dangers.

The human body’s immune system has two branches, the innate and the adaptive, to fight against pathogenic viruses. Innate detectors are the first line of defense that identifies pathogens and sends proteins to destroy them. Trough adaptive defectors mobilize slowly and mount a more robust destroying attack. For the human body to survive, its immune system must function continuously.

Somewhat like the body’s immune system, America’s government has not two but three branches to protect itself against foreign and domestic attacks, including acts of treason, seditions and corruptions. The people, through elections, wield and even greater power to protect our democracy. Conceivably, it can be hailed as our democracy’s greatest protector.

However, when any branch of government or significant members of Congress fail to acknowledge an attacker or seek to shield a co-conspirator, especially if it’s the president, America’s democracy faces imminent peril.

For four years, former president Trump along with the Republican Senate, controlled by McConnell, attempted to dismantle America’s democracy and alienate our allies. Because of his abuse of power, Trump has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives. The first impeachment resulted with the Senate’s failure to convict and remove him from office. Currently, his second impeachment is headed to the Senate for a second trial.

However, if the Senate once again fails to honor their oaths to the Constitution, but rather continue to shield Trump from conviction, the Republican Party represents a greater threat to our Nation’s democracy than COVUD-19. But how could this constitute a greater danger?

Remember, scientists have already developed a vaccine to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But the greatest danger remains alive if the Senate again fails to convict Trump for the charge of incitement of insurrection imposed by the House of Representatives. If Trump isn’t convicted, he could literally again run for the presidency or any other public office. Thus far, he still has millions of ardent followers who continue to threaten violence against our democracy. Those who already have committed acts of violence, if convicted, must be punished.

Most importantly, all Americans must be fervently aware that our democracy is only as strong as its government remains of, for, and by the people. Trump’s defeat at the polls on Wednesday, November 3, 2020, by the people is the greatest testament that the Anatomy of America’s Democracy remains strong and healthy.


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