“Anger in every corner”

Pastor Rasheed Baaith
Pastor Rasheed Baaith

“Anger in every corner”

By Pastor Rasheed Z Baaith

      “For with hearts like an oven they approach their intrigues, all night their anger smolders, in the morning it blazes like a flaming fire…” (Hosea 7:6)

      This election season if nothing else, has brought to the fore the deep, combustible anger in so many people in so much of America. North, South, East and West we see voters with faces twisted with rage, heard their voices shake with fury, watch them move in bodies twitching with agitation. Everyone seems poised for violence and the atmosphere reeks of its threat.

And while the supporters of Donald Trump receive more attention than the supporters of anyone else because of their misbehavior, this malady of resentment is seen in those on the left as well as the right. Supporters of Bernie Sanders recently proved that in Nevada.

While much of what is going on can be laid at the feet of the candidates, there is much more to be considered. There is a global social consciousness whose cauldron is anger. This anger has as its focus political inequities (real and perceived), economic disparities, a lack of educational opportunities, and a growing gap between those who have and those who have not.  The latter may be especially true here in America.

There is a maxim that states when there is 100 percent dissatisfaction in the minds of the people there has to be 100 percent change. The world seems to have arrived at that place in history. Everybody wants some kind of change.

So what are we as Christians to do? We are to base the foundation of our behavior on the instructions given us by our God. We are to remember that these days of confusion and difficulty have been prophesied about. Those of us in the Body of Christ should not be fearful, puzzled, or walking in doubt or stunned by what we are witnessing.

The Church’s role today should be one of being a social, philosophical and relationship anchor. Church has never been about religion. But it cannot what it is supposed to if it partakes in social systems in the same way as those who are not believers participate. Our thinking is Christ based. Evangelicals, Black and white cannot let their fear be greater that their faith.  They cannot believe that the problems so dominating of this time are problems that can be remedied by some man. All of the concerns of the day are spiritual and moral.  That means they require spiritual solutions. We say we believe God has the answer to the world’s problems. Or is that just something those of us in the Church say but don’t really believe?

Of course there will be those, both Christian and non Christian who will say such conclusions are unrealistic and short sighted.  For those not in our faith, that is to be expected but for those who claim to followers of Christ, it means your proclaiming is one thing but your belief is not as real as your proclamation. Far too many of us want to separate our faith from our daily living. That means there is a fracture in your relationship with God.  It’s like s telling someone you love them deeply but not every day. No one would tolerate that kind of inconsistency. Why should God?

We cannot “put our religion down” whenever it pleases us. We cannot be situational Christians. More simply put: we either believe what we say we do or we do not when it comes to Christ. That includes our politics and everything else. Think about it.

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