Anthony Foxx sworn in as Obama’s Transportation Secretary

Anthony Foxx and President Barack Obama
Anthony Foxx and President Barack Obama
Anthony Foxx and President Barack Obama

Anthony Foxx sworn in as Obama’s Transportation Secretary

By Black Blue Dog

      Anthony Foxx, the former mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, has a hot political career that is now full of possibilities. In fact, he is the man that Corey Booker always wanted to be, but without the arrogance and continuous self-promotion that has turned Booker into a bit of a caricature.

Foxx didn’t get into Twitter fights, save cats from trees, get into spats with comedians on national television or use publicity stunts to build his name. Instead, he toiled away to make his city into one of the great beacons of light and opportunity throughout the south. You can’t say the same for Newark, New Jersey, who some say has gotten worse under the borderline absentee rule of Corey Booker.

The reward for Foxx is that he is now the Transportation Secretary for the Obama Administration. Foxx was sworn in this week in a private ceremony. His wife and two kids were in attendance and the president spoke highly of his achievements when choosing him for the job.

Foxx says that his top priority will be safety. He is going to focus on efficiency and infrastructure as well, which is falling behind in the United States. Because tax revenues for the government have declined over the last 20 years, the federal government no longer has the resources it once had to pay debts, build roads, or do the other things that a government is supposed to do. You can look to lower taxes on the super wealthy as part of the culprit.

In his past, Foxx has served as a Justice Department attorney and Democratic aide to the House Judiciary Committee. The 42-year old was voted unanimously by the Senate to replace outgoing secretary Ray LaHood.


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