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Are American police governed by different laws when they murder?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Are American police governed by different laws when they murder?

By Dr. P.L. Wright

The recent shooting that caused the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darin Wilson has gained international attention. This horrific event seems to have reached an extremely volatile emotional state for the towns’ people and other Black parents around the country. These killings of Black youth are happening often all over America. Black parents are trying to understand why has there not been any response by the local Police Chief and Ferguson State Attorney’s office to address the issue for any type of justice to be initiated yet for Brown’s murder. It is obvious that police are treated differently than civilians when they commit murder by killing a Black youth, which is at an epidemic proportion. However, this past week has not been peaceful for anyone in Ferguson, Missouri since the murder of Michael Brown. This case of murder has not produced any clear answers to any of the questions asked by the community.

The witnesses who saw what actually transpired have already been shown on television stating the same story as each other, and precisely of what they claim they saw that occurred when Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Darin Wilson. The robbery at the store that has shown Michael Brown allegedly stealing a box of cigars and shoving the store clerk has nothing to do with the case of when officer Darin Wilson shot and killed unarmed Michael Brown.

Black as well as some white Americans in that town are demanding to know why Officer Darin Wilson has not been indicted yet and charged with murder. Officer Wilson should be getting ready for a trial for the murder of Michael Brown. Unfortunately, a case of the police investigating themselves, or one of their own police officers, or just a civilian white male is a mirror of a process taken from many decades from the past by Law Enforcement Officials evading the public and not administering fair and equal justice. America’s Institutionalized Racist systematic pattern is not perfect fair or just as it should be. Many times our American Law Enforcement Officials will stall the public as long as they can, while creating a convincing story to introduce into the case, in order to clear the police officer of any wrong doing. This is what usually transpires in these types of police shootings when a young Black male has been shot and killed by an American Law Enforcement Officer.

The State Attorney in Ferguson, Missouri has not responded publicly with any indictment of Darin Wilson to get justice for Michael Browns’ murder. When will clear evidence of a murder produced, demand a justification for a charge against a suspect who happens to be a police officer?  He or she should be formally charged in an American court of law for committing a cold blooded murder while on duty, just as a civilian would have to face in a legal court of juris prudence for killing anyone. Black American parents and others are tired of the consistent murdering of their young Black male children, while the police are always cleared of any wrong doing. This American Institutionalized Racist system must stop killing young Black males and females, too. I am sure that we can all see it for what it is. The same American Gun Laws apply to all police officers just as it does for any civilian who carries a concealed weapon permit when a murder has been committed. Let us begin to charge, and adjudicate anyone who clearly commits unjustified murder of another person. It does not matter if the guilty party is a Law Enforcement Officer, who is a male or a female, or anyone. We must clear the slate and erase the double standards of Justice in America.

Our American Court Systems must begin to administer fair and equal justice for all.




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