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Political skullduggery embraces the politics of blatant deceit

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Political skullduggery embraces the politics of blatant deceit

By Derek Joy

Imagine. . .

A quick and temporary getaway from the disparaging on-goings in Miami around Florida, the rest of America and in the international arena.

Did just that on the Resorts World Bimini Super Fast, a 64.000 ton vessel registered in Panama.

A quick trip to Bimini amid, impressive entertainment and intriguing amenities.  Enjoying the slow pace of life in Alice Town, Big John’s Restaurant and the Straw Market.

All along the way to and fro’, along the peaceful waters of the Atlantic Ocean, thoughts of all the tragedies back home became even more senseless.

In the not too distant past Michael Brown, an unarmed Black American teenager was shot and killed in Ferguson, Mo., by a police officer, who has since been made unavailable to the community, the media.

In hiding after his scurrilous conduct. Shielded by the Ferguson Police Department as they expose Brown in a strong armed robbery short time before he was confronted and killed by the officer.

In the aftermath of Brown’s death, Black Americans in Ferguson are mounting protests, even rioting as national attention grows. Spiraling as did public sentiment when George Zimmerman, the self proclaimed neighborhood watch volunteer, ignored police advice and followed Trayvon Martin into the gated Sanford community where Martin was visiting his father.

Zimmerman confronted Martin. A fight ensued. Zimmerman shot and killed Martin and claimed self defense under Florida’s muddled “Stand Your Ground Law.” And he was acquitted.

In Ferguson case, like in the Arthur McDuffie killing by police officers in Miami, and a disparaging number of other Black Americans who were killed by police, the community stands in vigilance with little of justice coming to pass.

At the same time, Miami Dade County residents look on as Mayor Carlos Gimenez battles with police, fire and other unions over the budget, whether they have to continue to labor without just compensation.

They also toil with a cloud of potential layoffs looming over their departments – as many as 200 police officers.

Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been any mention of layoffs among the Mayor’s staff, or the layered bureaucracy. Absolutely no mention of clamping down on any wasteful spending from the General Fund. Nothing about cutting back on the megabucks spent on lobbyists and consultants.

For sure, that is scurrilous. A classic example of the skullduggery that is routine at County Hall.  So it would seem appropriate to wonder just what will public safety be should there be significant layoffs among the ranks of the police and firefighters.

Maybe not catastrophic disasters. But nothing short of serious threats to the lives and property of the citizenry.

And that would demand that some elected officials are summarily sent packing.



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