Attorney General Barr Needn’t Commit hara-kiri

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II

      William Barr upon seeking the job of America’s Attorney General, wrote a 20 page memo to the Justice Department whereby he denounced the scope of Mueller’s investigation and that the president couldn’t be demanded to answer questions about obstructions. With this being noted, Barr was quickly nominated by Trump and ultimately confirmed by the Senate.

From the beginning of Trump’s presidency, it was apparent that all who chose to come onboard were metaphorically boarding the doomed Titanic. Over the course of four years many were cast overboard by Trump personally while others chose to jump before being told to walk the plank.

History reveals that the Captain drowned onboard the sinking Titanic as well as William McMaster Murdoch, the First Officer. However, Attorney General Barr, needn’t remain onboard Trump’s sinking presidency. Why should he? Trump has already begun attempting to throw Barr overboard because of his refusal to commit an abuse of power act during the waning days in an ill attempt to salvage his presidency.

While Barr may have fantasized about the good that could be achieved by a strong president, he forgot that a president must be honorable, possess integrity, believe in science, capable of listening and choosing between good and evil, prudent and not foolish, etc.

Obviously, Trump possess none of these qualities. However, even though the presidential election is only weeks away, Barr can yet provide a measure of devotion and service to the America people. By publicly denouncing the wrong Trump has done to this Country as well as his own cynical role, he needn’t commit hara-kiri. This act of atonement may prevent historians from assigning him the title of the most, “corrupt Attorney General in History.”


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