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The Beginning of a Movement: Sir Austin Daniel’s Interpressionism

Sir-Austin-DanielsThe Beginning of a Movement: Sir Austin Daniel’s Interpressionism

By Nichole Richards

Impressionism. Cubism. Surrealism. Pop Art. These are just some of the many art movements that have made profound contributions to history, propelling philosophies, guiding social movements, and yielding artistic geniuses, such as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet. Visual art, sculpture, poetry and other mediums functioned much like today’s social media platforms, defining generations and functioning as means of self-expression and social commentary. Art schools are obsessed with them.

Today’s art students are encouraged to study, replicate and re imagine these artistic styles of the past, much to their own detriment. Monotonous reproduction of art masterpieces and stylizing has a tendency to stifle creativity as students are discouraged from exploring different ways of expression. This has caused stagnation in the art world as no truly unique and exciting artistic style or movement has emerged since Jean Michel Basquiat’s graffiti influenced neo-expressionism of the 1980s.

But there is hope. Nearly 30 years later, a new, profound form of artistic expression has begun to make waves in the art world. It is called Interpressionism.

“Interpressionism is art that interconnects the informal and formal art elements together,” explained Sir Daniel Austin, the father and founder of this unique artistic style, “It is not abstract, neither is it real.”

Any art historian, student, or connoisseur would find this statement contradictory for in art, a piece is expected to fit in one of these two categories; however, Interpressionism challenges this notion of categorization and encourages unbounded self-expression. In explaining his work, Austin emphasizes this movement is defined by the nature of the one’s soul that extends beyond color and shape. Interpressionism is limitless, unique, and emotionally evoking.

Austin-with-former-Broward-A Haitian native, Master Daniel Austin was a highly gifted child. Influenced by his mother’s own artistic talents as an interior decorator and Le Cordon Bleu chef, Austin started drawing and sketching at a young age wherever he could, on blank walls and outside in the dirt. Although he knew he had a gift, Austin admits he considered it a hobby and not something he could build his life on.

“Back then, when you are an artist you are stereotyped,” Austin said, “I was aware of that so I did not focus on art  then and instead focused on his academic  trainings.”

Despite his commitment to his academic studies, Austin’s father recognized his son’s talents and, as a teenager, enrolled him into the Haitian National School of Art (ENHART), becoming the youngest person ever to attend the prestigious school. Two months later, Austin quit.

“I rebelled against the déjà vu,” Austin explained, “I refused to copy or recreate someone else’s style or masterpiece. The training did not encourage me to express myself in my own artistic way.”

Disillusioned with the art world, Austin intensely focused on academics and built an exciting international career in global finance. He received degrees in Economic Science, Business Management, and law. He worked as a consultant for international non-governmental organizations, such as Développement international Desjardins, the World Bank, and the Gallup Poll. He also contributed to the academic world by writing training books on Finance.

Despite being successful, Austin felt unfulfilled and his passion for art and self-expression continued to tug on his heart and soul.

Finally in 1988, Austin committed to finding his own artistic identity and embarked upon a journey fueled by determination.

“I focused all my attention in my artwork, to find my soul,” said Austin, “I wanted to create something revolutionary, something never seen before.”

After years of research and exploration, Interpressionism : was born. Austin’s explanation of his artistic style is magical. Interpressionism is “expression from inside” and not influenced by anything seen. He describes it as something inside that is brought out, making it unique and original. It is a challenge in this over conditioned world of distractions, but Austin revels in challenges.

“You have to go through the challenge to create something unique,” he added, “I like challenge, an intellectual challenge. When you challenge me, I have to answer.”

In 1989, Austin presented the Interpressionism movement to the world at an art fair in Petion-Ville, Haiti, but without success. That did not deter him. He is a rebel at heart.

“On average, it takes half a century for a new art movement to be discovered,” Austin explained, “It takes time to polish the pearl.”

In the meantime, Austin is committed to producing more work and teaching the Interpressionism artistic style to a new generation of artists in order to counter what he feels is a weakness in the academy. He envisions this movement to be taught in art curricula across the world, alongside such greats as Van Gogh and Andy Warhol.

“I believe Interpressionism deserves to be studied in the universities and schools,” Austin stated, “I strongly believe this is the new challenge for artists, the new emerging movement.”

After two years on sabbatical, Austin will be spending the year on a series of solo and group art exhibitions throughout South Florida. Currently, his work is on display at the 33rd Street Wine Bar in Fort Lauderdale, exhibited his artworks at Art Serve “Art Explosion”. He will also be presenting his work on January 25th-28th at Art Fort Lauderdale’s “Art Fair on the Water” event held at the Bahia Mar Marina on Fort Lauderdale Beach, working with Honor Flight South Florida org. on a silence Auction fund raising, and  preparing his big incoming show at Broward County Library “AARLCC in May. In addition to these events, weekly private tours can be scheduled at “SIR AUSTIN’S INTERPRESSIONISM HALL”, located in Sunrise.

For more information or to schedule a private tour with Master Daniel Austin, visit

Sir Austin Daniel (954) 326-9580.

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