Biden’s Blind Benevolence

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

President Biden has contemplated the Supreme Court and Congress would help him to restore the soul of America. Sadly, what he’s failed to realize is that the Supreme Court has a sordid legacy. We can now add the overturn of Roe v. Wade to the horrendous Dred Scott v. Sanford decision of 1857.

And now that the Court  has a  majority of right-wing conservatives, their rulings are antithetical to democratic values. These rulings have stymied Biden’s efforts to deliver  on immigration reform  and  unification of the Nation.

However, the President and the Democratic Party shouldn’t ponder what ails America. It’s the political divide that  threatens the fate of this  government as did a corrosive Republic doomed Rome.

Simply put, voters elected President  Biden and fortified  his administration with both the House and Senate. Thus, every day he’s slow to  govern as though he didn’t win by a large margin. Senators Manchin and Sinema operate as moles within their own party. Yet,  Biden instead of denouncing their actions, remains shackled by his benevolence. Why?

Biden and the Democratic Party want to project a democracy as ever evolving towards perfection. It’s as if they remain honorable in their  fight with Republicans, democracy will improve. On the other hand, Republicans have chosen to gain and maintain power by any means necessary.

I’m certainly not suggesting that Biden act dishonorably or  betray his oath to the Constitution. He must demonstrate relentlessly the  courage to denounce Republicans who  would rather destroy democracy’s essential element, which is the art of compromise. Voting rights can’t receive less attention than golf, which he doesn’t play.

Remember how Trump vilified Hillary and  chronicled the slogan, “lock her up.”  Even though, she never faced a jury or convicted for a crime. Biden shouldn’t remain mute about the fact that those who may have violated their oaths to the Constitution deserves to face a jury. And if convicted, their rightful punishment decided.

Biden needs to proclaim loudly and often that no one is above the law. This not only builds confidence in the  Department of Justice (DOJ)   but encourages them to investigate all crimes related to 2020  presidential election and the January 6, insurrection.

DOJ can’t offer an obscure excuse for not  investigating because of difficulties  establishing the former president’s “intent  and state of mind.” This is unacceptable.

A plot to overthrow the government,  an organized executed insurrection,  and a failure to defend the  Nation against domestic and foreign terrorists clearly  conveys one’s intent and state of mind. If it doesn’t,  undoubtedly Trump is above the law!

A greater reliance on blind benevolence coupled with  failure to  vilify the enemies of democracy merely signals weakness.




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