Big Liars and Little Witches Don’t Go To Heaven

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Big Liars and Little Witches Don’t Go To Heaven

By Lucius Gantt

I’m tired of the Trump witch blaming Obama for his incompetence, insensitivity and his alleged criminal behavior since the Russians spent millions of dollars to get him elected as President of the United States.

Anytime a campaign manager is indicted, anytime a staff member pleads guilty and anytime anybody connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin directly or indirectly is charged with a cyber crime or any other misdeed, the 45th President claims any accusation about any political crime is a “witch hunt”.

Well, that’s expected from a political liar!

While we are talking about lies, do you remember when Donald Trump lied about President Barack Obama’s birth place? What about his lies about Obama’s qualifications to serve as President?

I thought there would never be a bigger lie than the lie Trump told when he said Obama had his offices wire tapped.

Well, one lie leads to more and more lies and the latest lie Trump is telling about Barack Obama came in the form of a Tweet that basically said “Wow, word seems to be coming out that the Obama FBI “SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH AN EMBEDDED INFORMANT”!

First of all, Obama never had a FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation belongs to the citizens of the United States that pay taxes to fund the agency.

Secondly, receiving information from an informant is very, very different from implanting one in any President’s campaign or in any President’s staff.

Everybody that keeps up with current news knows that persons close to Donald Trump were, or still are, being watched and possibly listened to. Surveillance of Americans conspiring with Russians that want to interfere in American elections, launder money, violate campaign contribution laws and pay off various “cats” is nothing unusual and, in the eyes of many, nothing new.

But blaming everything you can on an uninvolved previous President that happens to be Black is nothing but a racially motivated act to play to a political base of white nationalists, white supremacists and white racists!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but it’s true.

When the witch fears his crimes are close to being revealed, the best distraction is the Black distraction…..blame the N-word!

If you don’t know, Presidents don’t usually speak badly about each other. They don’t demean each other. They don’t disparage each other!

If I was Obama, and I’m not, I’d be talking about “Battle Cat”! I’d be talking about how an adult film star is closer to figuratively burning the witch at the stake than any of the law enforcement agencies have went to sleep and dreamed about!

The cat is always over-rated in almost every way. But pussy cats bring down political witches more than anyone or anything else!

The Gantt Report is “first” more than any other editorial columnist. TGR was first to opine on Trump’s CATastrophe, first to say the so-called recent blue waves of higher than usual turnouts of Democratic voters were led from the grass roots and not by the “born-to-lose” Democratic Party and their highly paid losing political advisers.

Also, I am the first to tell you that America’s students that are tired of being shot and killed in classrooms, school hallways and on city streets will be a force in the 2018 elections and an even bigger force in the 2020 elections!

Finally, don’t give up on Special Prosecutor Robert Muellar. Muellar has all he needs to get the witch impeached on a variety of misdeeds, acts of misconduct and for some “criminal violations” but the crafty lawman is following the money.

The witch is being sought by a competent witch hunter that only needs to connect the dollar signs to the witch.

Time will tell, the cat and the cash will light the fire that will burn the witch and perhaps the witch family members!

Little witches don’t go to Heaven!




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