Black America don’t be deceived

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis

Black America don’t be deceived

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

Black America please don’t continue to allow yourselves to be deceived into believing that just because we elected our first Black president that we live in a post racial society.

Everything here in the U.S is predicated upon one thing – the color of your skin!

George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, and now the all white jury has found him not guilty on charges of second degree murder.

This verdict comes as no surprise to me because the more I see things change the more I realize they remain the same, especially for Black folks.

Sure Blacks have made significant strides, but these developments are mediocre as in comparison to the echelon of white AmeriKKKa.

Blacks in general, regardless of what part of the hemisphere we reside, were placed in a competition, but the thing is our competitors [Uncle Charlie] started running the race approximately 500 years before we did.

So in order for us to be on the same plateau time would literally have to come to a complete stop for white AmeriKKKa, while Black America moves forward in a continuum where we advance to take our rightful place [as the master race]in the annals of history.

The Zimmerman court case was a bogus trial and it never should have transpired first and foremost because of the lily white jury.

The outcome was typical of White AmeriKKKa, because in the eyes of an all white jury Black people are not human, and no matter how many times a Black man gets killed by a white/Hispanic person they get off the hook.

Sure the white women that were selected as jurors were parents and Black folks were counting on them to be sympathetic – but the fact remains that those white women have the same racist mentality as their white male counterparts.

I can hear everybody praying now and don’t get me wrong – it’s cool to pray – but my Bible tells me not to pray for certain people, especially those that are incorrigible. The prayer starts out with something like this “Lord please forgive them, because they know not what they do.”

As long as White AmeriKKKa has been terrorizing and murdering Black men, women and children, they know exactly what they are doing and have become experts at genocide of the Black race. Amen


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