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Black pastors and their responsibility to the Black community

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Black pastors and their responsibility to the Black community

Written by Phillip Wright Sr. Ph.D.

Part I

I can recall how my siblings and I grew up in the Pentecostal church over 63 years ago in Miami, Florida. Our church was the First Born Church of the Living God in Overtown Miami. Our Mother Rosa Wright played the guitar for us while she trained us to sing Gospel music together as a singing group called the Echoes of Joy. We had frequent church services that taught all of us about the scriptures in the Bible and how to apply them to our daily lives. At our church, we had a Bible studies class for adults and one for the children to learn more about living a righteous life, and about respecting yourself and others, especially your elders.

We also had to display we could practice and live what we were taught daily. We practiced respect, manners, and more. We also had outings as field trips to hospitals, schools with special programs, businesses to learn all about them, other type of tours to some residents homes, Pick nicks, and visits to other churches for conventions and music concerts. As well, whenever a member of the church had a difficulty with anything that the family felt the pastor could help them with, they would take the problem to the Pastor at the church and he would make spiritual suggestions, offer funds for an unexpected bill, or donate a few dollars for a financial problem concerning one of the children in school.

However, what types of programs do our Black Pastors in the Black church today in 2013 have to offer as assistance to the Black community? There is one type of program some of the churches do offer to those homeless to feed them at least once a month, and to have discussions for individuals to talk with each other at the church on specific days to express their personal problems or grievances with something or someone.


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