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Broward County Transit to introduce new 40-foot Hybrid Buses

Hybird Buses

Broward County Transit to introduce new 40-foot Hybrid Buses

New bus replacements part of continuous fleet upgrades

One of the new Broward County Transit’s 2013 Hybrid-diesel buses that will be traveling routes in Broward County.

Submitted by Doris Williams, Broward County Transit Division

     Broward County Transit (BCT) is introducing new, 40-foot buses that consist of 28 diesel-powered and 21 hybrid-diesel/electric buses, as part of the agency’s 2013 bus replacement plan. The new buses will replace 49 of the 313 current buses in the fleet.

     “The buses offer our riders a level of comfort they deserve and are in line with our commitment to offering a more cost-effective and fuel efficient fleet,” said Tim Garling, director of Broward County Transit Division.

    The new Hybrid buses, which seat up to 38 passengers, boast the latest in new technology to provide passengers with upgraded amenities, such as ergonomically-designed seating for added comfort, more rugged vinyl floors to reduce the risks of slipping, roof-top air conditioning to improve cooling capacity, and lower floor access at entry and exit doors with kneeling accessibility for easy boarding. Passengers will immediately notice a more spacious interior and continue to enjoy onboard digital announcements that provide key bus travel information. Other amenities include video cameras mounted inside and outside the bus for improved security and an increase of up to three bicycle racks.

    BCT will place the new buses into service as they are received and is expected to have all 49 buses in service by July 2013. Funding was provided through Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) grants in the amount of $27,602,988. For more information, call (954) 357-8400.


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