Broward County’s First Ladies Deborah Hughes

First Lady Deborah Hughes
First Lady Deborah Hughes
First Lady Deborah Hughes
First Lady Deborah Hughes

“A gracious woman gets honor.” Proverbs 11:16

The pastor’s wife is fondly referred as “The First Lady” of her local church. Pastor’s wives are as varied as are diamonds and yet each is just as unique as every diamond. The “First Lady” of each local church is a source of encouragement, inspiration, and guidance.

This column attempts to provide our community with insight into the lives of the women that serve as “The First Lady” of many of our local churches.

This week’s featured “First Lady” is First Lady Deborah Hughes of First Baptist Church Piney Grove.

Interview with First Lady Deborah Hughes of First Baptist Church Piney Grove

WG: What is your life verse?

First Lady Hughes: Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. This verse helped me during a time when several of my loved ones were going on to be with the Lord. I felt all alone and unsure of life’s expectations. His word provided not only strength but courage to go on.

WG: Do you remember your salvation moment? Please discuss.

First Lady Hughes: I remember being about nine years old having a desire and longing for a closer relationship with God. My Mom would take me to bible study with her and I’d hear the pastor speak of faith and belief in God and being saved through the salvation of Jesus Christ. I didn’t want to just be in church but I wanted to walk after the God who saved me.

WG: Is there a special move of God that you would like to see an increased evidence of in Broward County?

First Lady Hughes: I desire to see God touch the hearts of many to come together in unity and love, in order that we might help save our community. I would love for us to share and design more programs to help our schools and to provide basic needs to kids that are longing for a helping hand.

WG: What are the titles to your favorite Christian songs? Singers? Why?

First Lady Hughes: My favorites are “Amazing Grace”, “Is Your All on the Altar?”, and “Order My Steps”. Shirley Caesar, Tremaine Hawkins, and Milton Bronson are my favorite singers.

WG: Do you watch or listen to other pastors? (National or local) Who are they?
First Lady Hughes: I have several pastors that have been a blessing to me. Max Lucado and Ralph West are two nationally known pastors that are a blessing to me. Not only are they well known Pastors, but they are also writers of several Christian books. They illuminate the Word of God in a way in which moves me to want and desire to see and feel God’s presence manifesting and growing in me. I long to live this life worthy of His call. My prayer is to lose me and gain more of Him—to look like Christ.

WG: Family Life—Your spouse? Children?

First Lady Hughes: I’m the proud wife of Dr. Derrick J. Hughes. We met at my childhood church. I had been away for a couple of months from service while taking care of my Mom. One of my family members came home bragging about this new pastor. They spoke about how he had this passion and love for God and His people. Well, not only was I taken by his anointing and love for God but also his good looks.

WG: Do you have a secular job? If so, what is your position?

First Lady Hughes: I am no longer working in the banking field. I am a homemaker and caregiver for my mother-in-law.

WG: What are your personal interests/activities/goals?

First Lady Hughes: I enjoy reading, skating, and gardening.

WG: Please complete the following: Jesus is my _______

First Lady Hughes: Jesus is my Rock, strong tower, Way maker, and Lord over my life.

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