Can Bernie win the Democratic nomination for President?

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Can Bernie win the Democratic nomination for President?

By Roger Caldwell

Bernie Sanders has surprised all of the pundits and political experts in America. When Senator Sanders decided to run for president, no one thought his radical profile could galvanize millions of Democrats, but he is doing what everyone thought was impossible. To begin with Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, and he is not ashamed of what he believes.

He is authentic and he is fighting to get big money out of politics, and he wants to strengthen Social Security. As a socialist, Bernie believes in social insurance, Medicare, public schools, and colleges should be free. His thinking is radical, and the young voters, families, and the older progressive Democrats like Bernie’s ideas and philosophies.

When Bernie made the announcement that he was running for president, the early polls had him behind by 30 points. The political elites thought that Bernie was a 74 year old senator, who was too old to have any new ideas, and Hillary would not be challenged. But Bernie wins elections, and when he ran for the U.S. Senate everyone laughed at him, but eventually he won.

Now as Bernie is campaigning for the President of the United States, he is talking about starting a political revolution. There are many different interpretations of what this really means, but everyone would agree that the political system in America is broken and it needs to be fixed.

When President Obama started his campaign everyone thought, there was no way a Black man could get the nomination, and eventually become the president of America. But, he defied the odds twice, and he became the 44th president for two terms. Many of the same qualities that make President Obama a great president, I also see in Bernie.

To begin with, both men have a high level of integrity, and they attract large numbers of supporters at their campaign events. Democrats support both men, because of their progressive ideas, and forward thinking. Both men are visionaries, and America needs leaders who are willing to fight for equal justice and fair wages for all the citizens.

Bernie is on the right side of history and he believes that the wealthiest country on earth should provide all its citizens with a single payer universal healthcare system. As a socialist, he wants the federal government to expand their services and save Americans money by managing the health-care system. There would be no advertisements, billing would be controlled by the government, and the pharmaceutical companies would be forced to provide the citizens with economical drug prices.

Finally Bernie’s bold idea of free college education is supported by all families with children, and all college students. Bernie believes that there should be a tax on Wall Street and this tax should help subsidize the price of higher education. State governments had always subsidized state colleges in their budgets, but it was stopped in the 1980’s.

College education should be a right for all Americans, and not just for wealthy people or other citizens who put themselves in debt for ten years.

No one knows if Bernie will win Iowa and New Hampshire, but he is surging in the polls, with an amazing ground game. Bernie Sanders is in this race for the long haul, and too many Americans are saying they agree with everything he articulates, but they don’t think he’ll get elected, so they are not going to support him.

All I can tell everyone is to go with your gut. In 2016, decisions on candidates will be based on how a candidate makes you feel, and Bernie makes me feel good. Bernie has the potential to win the Democratic nomination, I trust him, and I believe he is sincere in helping Black people.

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