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Hip hop icon Sister Souljah launches release of her latest literary offering, A Moment of Silence MIDNIGHT, here in South Florida.

Sister Souljah is noted among the true innovators in the world of hip hop ...

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Elder Willie Mae Gipson Appreciation Day

Elder Willie Mae Gipson ...

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Ribbon cutting ceremony/homecoming for a community

Thursday’s ribbon cutting ceremony marked the grand opening of the Ali Cultural Arts Center, located at 357 Hammondville Rd ...

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Native-born South Floridian invents Purse Props

South Florida’s very own Leslie J. Dorsett recognized this problem and set out to create a solution. She did just that with her ingenious invention, Purse Props! ...

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Dems demand President Obama ‘strategy’ on Boko Haram

Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., is demanding that the Obama Administration come up with a plan for dealing with Boko Haram, the terrorist group that killed thousands of people and disrupted tens of thousands more in Nigeria. ...

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Fort Lauderdale Kappa League 2015 – 2016

The Fort Lauderdale Kappa League’s open house on Sept. 27 as it kicked off its 2015 – 2016 programming year ...

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Miami Heat: Hassan Whiteside Slowly Becoming Miami’s Most Important Player

The Miami Heat are on their way to having one of the best teams in the NBA. Standing with a 2-1 record, the Heat have already defeated two teams who are potentially going to play in the playoffs in the Charlotte Hornets and Houston Rockets. The determining factor in most of these games and moving forward for the season will rest on the shoulders of Miami's 26-year-old 7-0' 265-pound center Hassan Whiteside. ...

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Miami Hurricanes: Why Mario Cristobal Should Become Miami’s Head Coach

Sometimes the best remedy to stop the bleeding is to cut something off. The Miami Hurricanes were doing their best to band-aid their difficult situation when they had Al Golden as their head coach. Speak to coach Golden for a few minutes and you'll probably walk away from the conversation saying he's one of the nicest people you've ever spoken to. However, it was very unfortunate that his nice personality d ...

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Miami Hurricanes: What Should They Do With Butch Davis?

Ever heard of the phrase shooting yourself in the foot? Well, that phrase is way too light for this Miami Hurricanes program. The phrase that closer resembles this program is getting out of your own way. The Miami Hurricanes have been getting in their own way when it comes to being great and now that it looks like the program is about to change once again there are a few things that need to happen in Coral ...

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