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 Home School

     Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19), my sister and I, and kids around the world are learning at home. It feels weird not being able to socialize in person with my friends and having to spend our school day mostly on the computer. […]

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 Covid-19 is disrupting our spring break

       These pictures reflect how covid-19 is affecting our spring break because people love to go on the beach in spring. They  represent  how the majority of the shelves in stores are not fully stocked because people who were aware of the situation took a lot of the products as well as long lines at drive-thrus, shoppers in mask and restaurant workers with gloves on. […]


CORONAVIRUS: 2020’s biggest threat so far

     As we transition into Spring Break, many were filled with preconceived plans to enjoy the week-long vacation on the beach or travel via plane. However, those plans were dashed from under their feet at the first sign of the pervasive Coronavirus which has swept the World by storm. Now, as it becomes a more prominent issue across the globe, people have been forced to recluse themselves into their homes, so as to not risk infection. […]

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Social Distancing and the Coronavirus

     With more cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise, many people want to know what to do and how to keep the virus from spreading. Social Distancing is one of the main ways. It means keeping about 6 feet away from others and avoiding gatherings spaces like schools, churches, and public transportation. Here is some  insight by researchers from the American Psychological Association (APA) on how to cope. […]