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Miami Dolphins: What Will They Do During NFL Draft?

Is it better to sit patiently and wait for the draft or is it better make moves before it happens? The only way to answer that question is through time and because the Dolphins have traded down from No. 8 to No. 13, a lot of people have been waiting on pins and needles while pulling their hair out trying to figure out what the Dolphins will do with their first-round selection. If you're wondering or looking ...

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Miami Heat: Killed Charlotte In Opening Playoff Game

The only way to prepare to play against the Miami Heat is to actually play against the Miami Heat. There really is no cheat code, no explanation, or any piece of advice that anyone could give an opponent who has to go against the Heat because when they playoffs roll around this franchise turns into a different animal. Someone should've passed that memo along to the Charlotte Hornets before they played insid ...

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Miami Dolphins: Their Other 1st Round Targets

The Miami Dolphins have one of the proudest franchises in NFL history and they continue to attempt to build upon that tradition every year. However, for the last two decades, this franchise who was synonymous with winning has been in a complete rut. The Dolphins haven't seen much production from most of their draft picks in the last five years but recently with the drafting of DeVante Parker, Jarvis Landry, ...

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Miami Heat: Playoffs Mark The Beginning of Christmas

For most fans of NBA basketball, Christmas Day doesn't come on December 25th, it arrives on April 17th. For the Miami Heat on April 16th marks the most important event of the season because it begins the most important time of the season, the NBA playoffs. For all of the people who were pessimistic about the Heat season because they started off slow and had a bunch of drama surrounding them, they finally ha ...

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Miami Dolphins: Top Five Moves From Stephen Ross

When it comes to making money, there are few who do it better than Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The real estate tycoon Ross is a living legend when it comes to getting paper and because of his hard work as a real estate developer, Ross was able to purchase the Miami Dolphins. For as wonderful as it is to own only one of 32 teams in the NFL, Ross is 72-years-old and he won't be running the franchise fo ...

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Miami Dolphins: Raising Money For Cancer Through Golf Tournament

It's been scientifically proven that that the most important meal of the pay is breakfast. In addition to maintaining a healthy body weight, breakfast provides a person the energy that's needed to survive throughout the day. This morning at Turnberry Isle & Resort, the Miami Dolphins helped serve breakfast to the people who were in attendance for their Inaugural Celebrity Golf Tournament. Even though br ...

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Miami Dolphins: What Should the Dolphins Do at RB?

It's safe to say that the Miami Dolphins have a unique way of conducting business when it comes to acquiring talent for their team. The reason that's said is because in the 2012 NFL Draft the Dolphins found a gem when they drafted the hometown hero, running back Lamar Miller in the fourth round of the. After 32 teams in the league passed on Miller three times the Dolphins took a flyer from the running back ...

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Miami Heat: Erik Spoelstra Deserves A Lot of Praise

Three. At most that might be the number of coaches, you could legitimately make an argument that they are better coaches than the Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra. After Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers, you'll be lost for thoughts thinking there are better candidates around the league. In Miami, we're so used to winning all the time that when we don't it's looked at as a problem. Everyone can't win everyt ...

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Miami Dolphins: Is Mario Williams Ready to Take Off for Dolphins?

All good things must eventually come to an end. Oh, how that saying couldn't be truer for the Miami Dolphins. After the new deal that defensive end Olivier Vernon signed with the New York Giants, it signaled the end of a relationship with the city that went back as far as birth. South Florida will forever be known as home for Vernon, but it will no longer be the place where he gets paid to play professional ...

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