Celebrate and empower creativity

yvette-boothCelebrate and empower creativity

By Arriale Henry

      Get excited!

The art scene is resurging in Broward County and we are eager to be a part of the movement with the birth of our new Visual Arts section!

We hope that this newest installment – featuring local artists and events, from painting to clothing design – encourages you to experience culture, explore the city, particularly the artist community, and perhaps even dabble in its greatness. In case you haven’t thought about art since grade school, it’s imperative for you to know that art is essential for everyone, regardless of age or background. It’s funding is typically the first to go in most neighborhood schools but we, as a community, have the power to sustain its glory. It is a needed positive creative outlet in a society engulfed with negativity, especially amongst our youth. We’ll feature art contests, local happenings, historical art facts and much more.

“Art speaks to the soul and causes one to feel…” according to the spearhead of this new section, Artist Yvette Michele Booth. This feeling, she describes, whether it be pleasurable or disgusting, causes healthy brain stimulation by provoking thoughts and conversation.

There are many therapeutic qualities and business-boosting opportunities when it comes to art as well— we’ll explore these notions more in future issues. Although Booth is new to South Florida, she immediately saw the need for support & exposure and will actively do so as the editor of this section.               As an artist of color, she is making incredible contributions to Black art history through her vibrant paintings and business savvy background.

We at the Westside Gazette Newspaper look forward to creating an interactive platform for artists, students and art enthusiasts. Together with Yvette Michele Booth, we’ll invite you to witness and engage with this form of expression that dates back thousands of years. Did you know that many slaves arrived to America as artisans and some were able to retain some of their wages to obtain freedom for their families? Revolutionary!

For more information about Artist Yvette Michele Booth, please visit her website at www.yvettemichele.com

Stay tuned for what’s in store!

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