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Chi Psi Omega and Kappa Kappa Omega of AKA partner again for playground renewal

CHI-PSI-OMEGA-AND-KAPPA-KAPChi Psi Omega and Kappa Kappa Omega of AKA partner again for playground renewal

Chi Psi Omega and Kappa Kappa Omega renew playground for Broward College North Campus.

Chi Psi Omega and Kappa Kappa Omega Chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated are committed to a playground renewal agreement at Broward College North Campus, which began May 16, 2015.  Early Childhood Demonstration Laboratory and Outdoor Classroom, location of the playground, serves 70 toddlers. Following through with program Launching New Dimensions of Service, more than 30 members including Target I: ASCEND, Target III: Family Strengthening and Connection Committees partnered Oct. 3, 2015, with Target IV: Environmental Ownership for Playground refreshment; fall vegetable planting in raised beds. Butterfly gardens planted earlier have been maintained by the toddlers and staff for early learning of self-sustainability.

Raised beds were placed on the playground as part of equipment; while aesthetically enhancing early learning related to the life cycle of butterflies, growth and harvesting of plants for consumption.

Vegetables planted included basil, rosemary, onions, variety of bell peppers, jalapenos, and cherry tomatoes. Seed starter kits, sunflower, thyme, dill, rosemary, cilantro, radishes, and onion seeds were left for toddlers and staff to show transition stages. For a green concept and Target IV mandate, a composter bin for recycled materials was placed for material collection and soil enrichment. Moreover, toddlers and staff were left with gardening and planting tools for maintenance. Toys and outside playground equipment were refreshed.  Light refreshments were served.

Chi Psi Omega members in attendance were Barbara J. Thomas, Veronica E. Phillips, president; Gracia Curlee-Gordon, Alana DaSent, Paula Ed-wards, Quowanda Ford-Brown, Catrice Lee-Brown, Christina McNair, Antionece Myers, Josetta Patterson, Manassa Petithomme-Kelly and Joyce Toran.

Target I: ASCEND volunteers included Marcus Brown, Brandon DaSent, Shay C. Da-Sent, Unique Lane and Antoine McCullough. Community volunteers were Kandia Batchelor, Herline Emmanuel, Franchesca Fontus and Sandy Isaac. Youths included Kailey Gordon and Khaleed Gordon. Kappa Kappa Omega members included Bernice Bailey, LaNetta Henry, president; Kara Bailey, Paula Bailey-Gilchrist, Abbie Bryan, Beverly Kelly-Swann and Connie

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