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Christmas offers people time to reflect on family and more


Christmas offers people time to reflect on family and more

Christmas offers people time to reflect on family and more

By Derek Joy

     It’s been said time and time again: Christmas comes but once a year.

    And here it is. The last holiday of the year – 2012.

    Toys and other gifts are shared. Parties are held.  People frolic and celebrate in a variety of ways. Businesses tout their commercial success.  And a rather relevant question is raised.

    What should people do on Christmas Day?

    Sure.  There is the matter of attending church services in which the birth of Christ is commemorated, despite the fact that scientific and historical accounts place the birth of Jesus Christ at some point during the summer months.

    “My thing is spending time with my family, sharing and giving,” said Marjiana James, a member of Mount Tabor M.B. Church in Liberty City.

    For some reason, in one way or another, that seems to be the constant thought among people who responded to the question of what should people do on Christmas Day.

    “I think people should enjoy themselves making a celebration of Christ,” said Quintin Lamar, a member of Mount Carmel M.B. Church in Liberty City.  “Christmas is a time to focus on family and get ready for the New Year. People should make people around them happy.

    “Eat, drink and be merry.  That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m broke but I’m happy.  I’ll talk to my grandkids.  They’re already calling me.  I have six and none are in Miami.  Everywhere else but here.”

    No doubt that is what will prevail in virtually every community throughout America. The reveling, for most begins on Christmas Eve. Others begin earlier. And it goes on, for some, until the New Year rings in.

    Obviously, the celebrations and enjoyment will be tempered some by the recent mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

    Adam Lanza first killed his mother with one of the assault weapons in her collection.  Then he ramrodded his way into the elementary school. There he unmercifully fired multiple shots into each of the 26 victims – 20 first grade students – before killing himself.

     “I think people should be with their families and enjoy being with their families on Christmas,” said El Portal Village Mayor Daisy Black, who is a member of St. Paul A.M.E. Church.

    “It’s not just about giving and receiving gifts.  Being with family is more important.  Since I lost three members – two brothers and a sister – within nine months, I cherish family even more.  And the tragedy in Connecticut makes you think.”

    “I know children like to receive gifts, get out among friends and party. But adults shouldn’t focus only on gifts and parties. Family is important.”

    And that is pretty much the thinking of Mack Finnie, a member of Peaceful Zion M.B. Baptist Church in Liberty City.

    “My thing is whatever you would like to do. It’s up to the individual. Churches don’t tell you what you should do or shouldn’t do on Christmas or certain other days”.

            “Christmas is about enjoyment and happiness. On that day it’s always joy, loving, sharing and happiness. Just that one day changes everything in the world.  I don’t understand it, but it changes the world. It’s strange. Why can’t people be that nice all the time?”


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